Story of An Old Farmer Who Proved the Saying, “Disability is only a State of Mind”!

Disability is a state of mind! It’s willpower that plays the major role in a person’s life. There are numerous examples of physically disabled people achieving the unimaginable heights in various fields. Their stories leave us mesmerized.

Sudha Chandran lost one leg at the age of 16. That didn’t stop her from making a big name for herself as a classical dancer. Girish Sharma lost his leg in a train accident when he was a kid! Against all odds, he became a badminton Champion. He covers the entire court effortlessly with just one leg. Arunima Sinha lost her leg when few robbers attacked her and pushed her out of the moving train. Within just two years, she realized her dream of climbing Mount Everest. She is the first woman amputee to achieve this!

These achievers make the world look up to them! They substitute the pitiful expressions in the eyes of people with that of respect.  As per 2001 Census, 21 million people in India are suffering from one or the other kind of disability. Life faces a tough challenge for them! A great willpower and self-motivation is required for them to overcome the disadvantages their disability brings!

Recently a story of a disabled man from Uttar Pradesh became viral. He is not among the Disabled Achievers list. He hasn’t any success story to attract media attention! But considering his physical disability, his ability to lead an ordinary life itself strikes as extraordinary.


Devraj Singh Yadav is 61 years old farmer from Uttar Pradesh. He resides in a town called Baberu in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh, India.  40 years back, while working in the farm, a bull had attacked him. His left leg  got severely injured. After many days of treatment, doctors said that the infection in the leg had worsened. The wound had got the leg rotten.  Cutting the leg was the only way to save his life. So, the doctors operated on him and amputated his leg right from the thigh.


21 years old young Devraj Singh Yadav had a life full of challenges since then. He belonged to an extremely poor family. To make both ends meet was the target of life. The burden of loans taken from landlords was pressing. But Devraj didn’t give up the hope.  He took his disability into stride and stood up to the challenges! He tied one long stick at his waist and tightened it with a rope around his waist and thigh. This idea proved very helpful to him. With this stick tied to his waist, he started performing the routine activities of life quite smoothly.

From last 41 years, he has not allowed this handicap to affect his life in any way. He ploughs and works in the farm. Like any other physically fit person, he raised his family to his best ability. He married off his daughter ,Suneeta. His son is studying in a college for graduation.

He possesses nearly 2 acres of land. Due to three continuous  draughts,  Devraj had to suffer financial crisis. He ploughed to pay off the interest on his loans, which amounted to Rs. 1200 PM. Government helped him by giving monetary aid of Rs 5 Lakhs. Since then, he again took control over the situation and began working hard.

Hats off to DevrajSingh Yadav for being an inspiration to all physically disabled people who lose hope and confidence in life!


Jyothi Suparna Chincholi