Strange but true! PM Modi receives a bizarre request from a mechanical engineering student

PM Modi receives letters from all over the country. Kids take it as an opportunity to write to him. Serious issues have been raised while writing to the honourable Prime Minister. We don’t have an official count, but the PM surely receives a very large number of letters every day. People write to him from remote villages, addressing the problems related to the basic necessities some time. We’ve had several instances when the PM has responded personally and acted upon the grievance immediately. There have been a few less important or funny requests that have also been penned down.

An engineering student from Chandigarh has written to PM Modi. This is probably the most bizarre request PM Modi would have ever received. The mechanical engineering student has written to PM Modi requesting the PM to help him get married to his girlfriend. If this was not enough, he has also asked the PM to send a volunteer to Chandigarh to convince parents on both sides to agree for the marriage. We’re not kidding.

The PM has received many such unimportant letters from Chandigarh which are sent through the centralised public grievance redress and monitoring system every day. The officials manning the grievance system claim that 60% of the requests are non-serious. They say that there are many requests which bring a smile on their face. One such request was made by the person who requested the PM to provide a helicopter to the Chandigarh police so that they could make it on time. The letter written to the PMO, had requested for the helicopter, claiming that policemen never reached a crime spot on time. The request was made despite Chandigarh’s geographical spread of just 114 sq km.

There was another resident from the city who claimed that someone was plucking his flowers without his permission and that nobody was taking note. The Chandigarh Administration receives around 400 grievances through the PMO’s grievance system every month. Officials claim that many grievances are personal in nature.

The complaints sent to the PMO are sorted by city and sent to various authorities to take action.

Source: TOI

Alok Shetty


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