Strange!!! USA behind everything; You will be shocked to know why India, China & Russia are building their own GPS system?

The greed to emerge as a global power will drive a nation to any level. Indians were thinking USA as a good friend but USA denied of giving access to GPS information during the Kargil war. But when India was on the verge of losing, Israel came to India’s recue. So USA favoured its friend Pakistan in 1999. But this incident thought that India need to develop its own navigation system.

Now let us analyse why nations like China, Russia and India are developing its own GPS system.


China is a nation which don’t prefer to keep any good relation with almost everyone. It finds peace in sharing nuclear secrets with Pakistan (a terrorist nation). It also has developed keen interest in entering into others territory and claims it as its own. China and USA is almost in a cold war. USA had nearly stopped supplying military equipments to China. Similarly, USA stopped exporting electronic chips to China. Since then China started to develop its own navigation system.


After the World War II, a second version of cold war started between USA and USSR which included many nations. The nations which were involved in this were either under the control of USA or USSR.

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) has been formed in 1922 and it has enjoyed the culmination of its influence in the global scale following its victory in World War II within the period from mid 1960s to mid 1980s being able to send the first man to the outer space in 1961 and achieving relative stability in the standard of life of member state citizens.

Initially, Soviet Union comprised only six member states in 1922 – Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Azerbaijan, Georgian and Armenian Soviet Socialist Republics; however its size has been gradually increased during the following two decades until 1941 to reach the numbers of member states to 15 through expanding into Central Asia and Balkan states.

In 1991, the collapse of the Soviet Union has caused profound changes in global political and economic affairs, impacting the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

Russia and USA is keenly interested in interfering in many nations issues. In Syrian and Afghanistan, these two nations have deployed their troops. Reason is clear; they don’t intend to reduce terrorism but try to use terrorism so that their dominance will increase. So it is clear that these two nations will never exchange any kind of GPS information. So Russia is focusing on building its own GPS.


India is a nation which doesn’t wish to attack and trouble any other nation. But we shouldn’t do the mistake of Nehru thinking that others won’t attack us. Even in past, now who is our friend, USA had not supported India during the 1999 Kargil war. Worst part was that it mocked at India. But many thanks to Israel who supplied India with arms and ammunitions and even its secret agency Mossad gave timely support to India.

So when this is the condition, India cannot reply on foreign powers. Since then India started to invest on GPS. India developed its own navigation system under the guidance of the then Prime Minister and now PM Modi is taking it to new heights.

India cannot rely on foreign navigation system because India’s geographical structure is completely different from that of other nations. India even launched a South Asian satellite as a gift to all SAARC nations except Pakistan.

India’s very own Global Positioning System (GPS) is operational and is set to hit the market. Yes, the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) with an operational name of NavIC is currently being tested for its accuracy and is most likely to be available in the market for public use early next year.

For many years now, India had been dependent on GPS, a project that the US began in 1973. However, when the US denied GPS information during the Kargil war in 1999, the nation felt an urgent need for an indigenous navigation system. NavIC has helped India enter the club of select countries, which have their own positioning systems. Besides America’s GPS, Russia has its GLONASS and European Union, its Galileo. China is also in the process of building Beidou Navigation Satellite System.
“NavIC will cover the entire country, Indian Ocean and its surroundings. In the west, the system will have a reach till eastern parts of Arabian Peninsula and in the east, some parts of China. In the south, NavIC signals will work till Malaysia,”.

Credits: Pranay Sawant

Nishika Ram