What is the Strong Mystery that Surrounds Jayalalitha’s Death!

It’s been three days since the Late CM of Tamil Nadu J Jayalalitha passed away, now slowly questions are arising whether her death was really natural??? There surrounds mysteries behind what happened in the hospital and why was Jayalalitha’s health status kept in at most secrecy with no one other than Sasikala Natarajan knew correct picture of the Jayalalitha’s health.

Jayalalitha was admitted to hospital on 22nd September following fever and dehydration, atleast what we are told so. In a span of 75 days, we had heard nothing about Jayalalitha’s real status other the hospital releasing bulletins every 15 days once. The real question is, were those bulletins about Jayalalitha really true???

Let’s understand the real picture.

Immediately after Jayalalitha was admitted to hospital, all the surveillance cameras and CCTV’s were uninstalled. So even if we consider it was for security reasons of the Late CM and to maintain privacy, does that mean there should be no records of what is happening? What was the harm in keeping those cameras installed, they weren’t going to put on public display!!

All the senior police officers who were appointed by Jayalalitha were transferred immediately and overnight after she got admitted to hospital, who gave the orders to do so and why was it done?? The entire Hospital block of ICU was completely cordoned off and no other person was allowed to enter the block apart from Sasikala and her family.

Interesting part is bodyguards are given to the security of VIP, so where were all the body guards, weren’t they also allowed near Jayalalitha? In 75 days, not one person has tried to contact Jayalalitha, if so every call made to CM’s would be officially recorded. An important point to be noted here is, Sasikala Pushpa (not Natarajan) had infact asked the centre to take over the treatment of Jayalalitha as she suspected there was something very fishy going on in the hospital and nobody knew what it was. She had written to the Prime Minister to monitor the health status of the former CM and not let Sasikala to take over the responsibility.

Let’s consider Jayalalitha was naturally unwell, now why didn’t the hospital release single photograph of jayalalitha, even when the doctors had confirmed just a week before she suffered cardiac arrest that she was completely well and was even capable of eating food and breathing on her own. The doctors throughout the month of November claimed that she had completely recovered and would return home any day. They had even said she was not kept in ICU but in a special ward and was undergoing physiotherapy.

If we remember the doctors had released statement that Jayalalitha herself spoke and said “She had attained rebirth”,  if so then why not a single image of her recovering was released. It was not just anyone, but it was the CM of Tamil Nadu and the entire state was waiting for the good news and wanted to see her back as before. Okay….If not a video or image….why not even a voice recording of atleast half a minute???

When MGR was unwell and was in Singapore, he had released a signed letter and note to his people saying that he was recovering. When Rajnikanth was in hospital, he had released a small clip addressing his fans. But in case of Jayalalitha, did the hospital not have access to technology?? Or was there something they were hiding??

Forget reporting to her fans or people, there was no report submitted even to the high court.

It was very well known that Jayalalitha’s relation with Sasikala Natarajan was not good lately and had undergone too many strains and rifts. She had even understood that Sasikala was trying to overtake her in every aspect and her interference was something Jayalalitha was worried about. She was even doubtful to give responsibility of politics and party to her adopted son (Sasikala’s own nephew).

In such scenario, do we have to believe that Jayalalitha had not written any will?? A women of 68, owning over millions of crores had no will written or was it destroyed???

The Thelkha magazine had openly claimed that Jayalalitha was being administered slow position by her close aide, and even Jayalalitha came to know about this later, but even then she brought her back to her house. Even now the doctor’s haven’t provided a single detailed medical report of Jayalalitha except those brief bulletins.

The question is did Jayalalitha really die of December 5th, did she really fall sick or was she made to fall sick? A lady who was absolutely fine just a month before suddenly gets admitted to hospital, spends 75 days, with no information to outside world and comes out DEAD, No post mortem…BELIEVABLE???

If a person of such high cadre with hundreds of security person around her 24/7 could not understand the real story behind the walls of Apollo hospital, what is the use of security? Feels like security was busy protecting Jayalalitha from external enemy, while they forgot to look for internal traitors who were in arm’s reach!!!

Aishwarya S