Subramanian Swamy Demands CBI-ED Probe Against NDTV, Prannoy Roy, Barkha Dutt, Sonia Singh and Vikram Chandra in Money Laundering Case!

Subramanian Swamy who is known for his relentless fight against corruption has now taken on the NDTV channel and its anchors who have said to be involved in money laundering case. Swamy who filed corruption charges against Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi in National Herald case dragged them to court few months back which became the most embarrassing moment for the Gandhi family.

Those people who believed that they were above law and no one could ever question them, had to answer to the courts on corruption charges. Swamy was the first person who filed corruption case against Ex-Telecom Minister Raja and Ex-Finance Minister P Chidambaram in the 2G corruption which cost the nation thousands of crores.

Now Subramanian Swamy has written to the Prime Minister requesting him to initiate CBI-ED probe against NDTV anchors. Just few months back, Prannoy Roy was caught by the Income Tax department for siphoning 53.84 crores into his personal account from NDTV. In June 2016, the Income Tax had unearthed huge fraud by Prannoy Roy and reported the same to the Police Economic Offense Wing and Enforcement Directorate. The legal experts had claimed that it was a clear act of corruption and violation of Prevention of Money laundering Act to divert the company’s shares to his personal account.

The investigations showed that on March 8th 2010, money was granted by Reliance Group linked company VCPL to the Shell Company in which Prannoy Roy and his wife Radhika Roy have 50% shares. The money was given to increase the shareholding in NDTV from 26% to 29.19% but was diverted into their personal accounts. It was also found that on the same day in the Stock Exchange there were around Rs.134 crores worth transactions done at a price variation of 98%.

Swamy in his letter has alleged that the NDTV had approached P Chidambaram earlier and was trying to find an escape route in the money laundering case. He also said that the case was is in the arbitration stage and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) under Raghuram Rajan had tried to save NDTV through paying a meager fine. Swamy has also provided proof that NDTV was been involved in the Aircel-maxis scam and around 50 million dollars was flown to NDTV accounts from Maxis subsidiary Astro All Asia Networks.


He has also provided proof that further Rs.2030 crores ($304 million) and Rs.640 crores ($96 million) was transferred into NDTV accounts through fraudulent means. The corrupts have used a NDTV’s UK registered company NDTV Networks PLC (NNPLC) to transfer money in which Prannoy Roy, Barkha Dutt, Vikram Chandr and Sonia Singh are major share holders and have benefited hugely. Tax finding have revealed that  in 2008 around 640 crores was transferred through a company called Bermuda to the NDTV shares.

Swamy has urged that the CBI and ED must probe the matter completely which would reveal more fraudulent transaction from other companies as well. He has said that these people are hiding behind the journalists tag and indulging themselves in huge corruption.

According to reliable sources, it is said that Subramanian Swamy is serious about the case and wants government to act against the corrupts immediately. He has also implied that if Government fails to act, then he is ready to take the issue to the courts and demand for an court monitored investigation in the case.

Source: https://www.pgurus.com/swamy-seeks-cbi-ed-probe-ndtv-prannoy-roy-barkha-dutt-vikram-chandra-sonia-singh/

Aishwarya S