Subramanian Swamy has a Super Plan to end the problem of illegal immigrants! Hearing this Pakistan and Bangladesh is stunned

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) issue has become the talk of the nation at this time. Out of 3.29 crore applications, around 40 lakh names are missing from the final draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Even after knowing the troubles caused to the nation due to these illegal Bangladeshi immigrant, the opposition is continually attacking the PM Modi Government for taking such step on humanitarian grounds. Congress President Rahul Gandhi who never uttered a word against the killing of thousand of Kashmiri Pandits, now has come out in open to slam the historic decision of deporting the illegal immigrants.The actual problem with the opposition is this move has directly attacked the illegal vote bank of Opposition. The Opposition is not feeling the pain of their own people but of those illegal immigrants who are enjoying the benefits from the Government and in turn destroying the nation.

At the time when whole nation is divided over the move of Modi Government senior BJP leader and the Rajya Sabha MP, Subramanian Swamy has come up with a unique advice to solve the problem of illegal immigrants entering the nation. He said “When Partition was done it was on the basis originally by English for two countries, One Muslim ruled Pakistan & Hindu ruled India. At that time Congress party which was in power  did not accepted that and said we are a secular Government & those Muslims who want to stay in India can stay in India.

And after that certain proportion stayed in India and some went back. Those who went back to Pakistan & Bangladesh now they want to come to India .Subramanian Swamy asked then why the partition was done. Why we had it if they want to reside in India now. The senior BJP leader further suggested that if you want to continue with partition then we should be given the proportion of land equivalent to the illegal immigrants entering in India.

The leader outrightly said that it is our land that we have given to them. It was provided to Muslims for living there & now if Muslims want to come to India then that part of land should be also given back to us. It is only the best way to solve this as we do not have resources for illegal immigrants.

The Government must also throw some light on suggestion provided by Subramanian Swamy. Congress has systematically deployed Muslims in these regions since long. It’s BJP led by Narendra Modi who is clearing this mess and making nation free from Illegal Migrants and returning the favour to all who are actually deserving of the resources being enjoyed by illegal immigrants. The  Central Government should make sure no illegal migrant is allowed to stay in West Bengal, Assam or any part of nation which will only turn the nation into a another Bangladesh or Pakistan.

Source: Economic Times