Subramanian Swamy Reveals The Untold Truth About Jayalalitha’s Life!

Subramanian Swamy who is known for his blunt talk and direct attack on many politicians is also said to have known many information which most people would not know about.

He is one person who is said to have worked with almost every politician including Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, PV Narsimha Rao, Jayalalitha and even NDA. This is one reason he knows almost every detail of all parties and finds it easy to attack them.


Subramanian Swamy although was once a very close friend to Jayalalitha, he had fought hard to send her to jail in disproportionate assets case.  But after her death, Subramanian Swamy has revealed the truth behind how Jayalalitha was under constant pressure and she was isolated in her own trusted circle.

He describes that he had first met Jayalalitha in 1982. MGR was then the Chief Minister of TN and Jayalalitha had just joined politics and was very close to MGR. He says he knew her for 34 years and she was a very intelligent person who was very good in her academics and a very knowledgeable person. He says she was very courageous and brave with high tenacity but the cinema world had hurt her brutally and made her extremely unhappy.

Swamy goes to say that she admired his knowledge and respected everyone with knowledge and abilities. But she was very much under the influence of Sasikala Natarajan who had hijacked her empire and used it for her own benefits. She had total control over Jayalalitha and became a hurdle in every work. She even went to an extent of deciding government policies and giving tickets to MLA’s. Jayalalitha was totally unhappy both in her personal and professional life.

After the downfall of AIADMK in 1996, she was totally devastated and had visited Swamy in 1997 seeking his help to rebuild the party. Swamy who agreed to her offer, formed alliance with AIADMK and won the Lok Sabha elections from Madurai and Jayalalitha joined the AB Vajpayee government in the centre.  She had asked the BJP to give the Finance Ministry to Dr Swamy for which they the BJP had not agreed.

Jayalalitha who always hated to be dejected was upset with the decision and decided to topple the government. She asked Swamy also not to support the Vajpayee government but Swamy had suggested her no to take hasty decision. But she was too upset and did not want to listen to anyone. Swamy had suggested her if she broke up with NDA then she would have to deal with Congress and Sonia Gandhi which was more difficult. But she agreed to do so and it was then Subramanain Swamy arranged the famous ‘tea part’y with Sonia Gandhi and Jayalalitha.


Sonia Gandhi soon ditched her and she was again left with no power both in centre and state. She was terribly disappointed, but she stood firmly and won the Tamil Nadu elections in 2001 and became CM. Since then Swamy and Jayalaitha had broken many times, but mainly because Sasikala never wanted any person who truly helped Jayalalitha. Sasikala tried to keep everyone out and wanted every decision to be taken by her. But again in 2007, Jayalalitha had approached Swamy had asked him to contest for the President polls. But Swamy had declined the offer saying he was committed to Harvard University and nobody would support his candidature.


However UPA which was in power then, brought in their puppet and sent back APJ Abdul Kalam, the most dignified person home.

Swamy says that after Jayalalitha’s time, it is difficult for AIADMK to survive and O Paneerselvam will not be able to manage the party. Sasikala won’t let anyone grow and she will try to overtake the entire party.

Aishwaraya S