Subramanian Swamy takes Mamta Banerjee head on, all set to drag her to court!!

Mamata Benerjee is doing all things which will only appease her vote banks. She is literally trying to destroy the Hindu connection with the state of West Bengal and implementing Islam is every field. Be it government, education, festival, she has turned Bengal into Islamic State.

Now she has gone to an extent of appointing a fanatic Muslim man as the chairman of the famous Tarakeshwara Temple in Bengal.

The Tarakeshwara Temple is one of the most holy places for Hindus. But Mamata Benerjee bizarre move to appoint Firhad Hakim as the chairman has hurt the religious sentiments of thousands of Hindus. Will Muslims accept a staunch Hindu supporter from RSS to be the head of Mosques???

What is more shocking is that this man Firhad Hakim was the same person who had earlier referred West Bengal as MINI PAKISTAN.  He is also the state urban Development Minister who is well known for his anti national stand and direct support to Pakistan. This is nothing but an attempt to infiltrate the entire system with pseudo seculars which will ultimately become a threat to our country.

The other important issue to be noted is, Tarakeshwara Temple receives millions of fund from devotees. This fund is suppose to be used for temple development but Mamata Banerjee plans to slowly divert these funds to give subsidies to Muslims and Christians missionaries.

This is not just happening in West Bengal but in many states. Recently RTI application to temples in Karnataka revealed that thousands of crores collected from devotees had vanished without trace from temples. After this issue was exposed, the Karnataka government was on the back foot trying to give excuses. It was same situation in Kerala in which a man who participated in the beef festival after Congress slaughtered a calf in public was apparently the head of the Kerala temple authority.

But his time Dr Subramanian Swamy has directly taken on Mamata Banerjee and warned her to remove Firad Hakim as the chairman of the Tarakeshwara Temple. Swamy in a series of tweets asked people to collect all information regarding appointment of Firad Hakim and he will file a PIL in the Kolkata High Court.

Dr Swamy is known for his hard stands and will never back out until the issue is resolved. So Mamata Banerjee will be in deep trouble once the courts take cognizance of the issue.




Now the battle has just begun which may soon become a massive headache for Mamata for hurting Hindus and crossing all limits for appeasement politics.

Aishwarya S