Suchitra Krishnamoorthi Gets Abused and Threatened With Rape by Muslims for Azaan Remarks

Artist Suchitra Krishnamoorthi faced the same outrage as Sonu Nigam did when he had tweeted his opinion about Azaan blaring from loudspeakers early in the mornings. Suchitra exercised her freedom of expression, but her freedom wasn’t appreciated by a certain bunch of Muslims.

This is what she tweeted –

The reaction of some Muslims to this was unprecedented. To oppose her statement by construing it as ‘anti-Islam’ is one thing, but what these people said to Suchitra disgusted Twitterati beyond words.

They termed her a prostitute & threatened her with sexual violence.The vitriol she’s been receiving during the last few days shows how distorted the definition of religion is in the minds of these people.

Suchitra posted a picture on Twitter that had some of the abusive tweets –

Playing Azaan is against a ruling of the SC that prohibits the use of loudspeakers at such odd times. Courts in Mumbai have also issued a ruling banning use of loudspeakers for any reason (azaan, bhajan or weddings) between 10 PM and 6 AM. But this blatant disregard of the law keeps going on.

The abuses and rape threats by these crazy zealots are because they have no sensible arguments to back the act of playing Azaan on loudspeakers early in the mornings. If they had, they wouldn’t violate the fundamental rights and intergrity of a woman in this fashion.

The left-leaning media and majority of political parties are quiet on the matter because they don’t want to give the impression of backing Suchitra and annoying Muslims in the process. However, these very entities have no problem in saying ‘Hindu terror’ or targeting Hinduism because of the vile deeds of a very few.

Playing of Azaan and even bhajans at such odd times is undoubtedly imposition of religion. But one rarely hears bhajans being played at such times; it’s mostly Azaan and people have begun raising their voice against this.

The media doesn’t present a balanced picture in this matter. It doesn’t talk about how the basic rights of people are being violated when such loudspeakers are being used at odd timings to propagate another religion. However, the media never forgets to preach Hindus to stop using water on Holi or avoiding crackers on Diwali or polluting water bodies on Ganpati Visarjan.

In our country, secularism is pandering to one religion. Anyone who speaks against it is mentally harassed and publicly ashamed. If Sonu Nigam and Suchitra Krishnamoorthi spoke against the use of loudspeakers to play Azaan early in the morning, it doesn’t mean they’re against Islam. It is the inconvenience being caused by this religionism that they’re talking about.

It is also an absolutely absurd argument that because they’re Hindus they can’t speak on Azaan. They are speaking as individuals who are being mentally inconvenienced by this aspect of Islam, and they hold no hatred towards the religion which is unfortunately how its portrayed in the media.

Source: http://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-trolls-abuse-threaten-suchitra-krishnamoorthi-rape-azaan-remarks-media-blames-suchitra/

Vinayak Jain