Suicide note nails Didi! Unable to bear the torture of Mamata Banerjee, former IPS officer commits suicide in West Bengal

You might be wondering what might be the condition of a common man in Mamara Banerjee ruled West Bengal. I’m requesting you not to even bother about a common man because a former IPS officer, who was renowned for his honestly, has committed suicide after he was unable to bear the torture of Mamata Banerjee.

Gaurav Dutt, a 1986 batch IPS officer was found dead in a pool of blood at his residence and the post-mortem report confirmed that he committed suicide. At the time of the incident, his wife was not at home and when she returned home, she found Gaurav Dutt with a slit wrist. Even though he was rushed to hospital, the doctors declared him dead within an hour.

When the suicide note written by Gaurav Dutt was accessed, it was found out that the reason behind this was Mamata Banerjee. In the note, he stated “The vindictiveness of this chief minister is unparalleled. My honest hard-earned savings have been blocked. Her secretary Gautam Sanyal refused to meet me every time I tried for an appointment”.

Mr Dutt had taken voluntary retirement last year and had applied for the release of his pension and other dues like provident fund and gratuity which totals to almost Rs 72 lakhs but was unable to get the funds released.

He further wrote “The chief minister is specifically responsible for my action” and continued “I decided to take the drastic step to highlight genuine problems faced by honest officers in West Bengal, and other parts of India”.

The Week reported “Dutt had spent most of his life in the national capital as his father Gopal Dutt was an IPS officer of the 1939 batch. The senior Dutt was among the first batch of officers who formed a part of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). Gopal Dutt was also the chief security officer of then prime minister Indira Gandhi in the late sixties”.

Even a person who has a strong family background couldn’t bear the torture of Mamata Banerjee. Imagine what will happen to India if she becomes the Prime Minister?

Hansika Raj