Sukma Maoist who killed CRPF jawans confesses, names Delhi university professor Nandini Sundar and human rights activists Bela Bhatia!

In a massive embarrassment to Left parties and Human rights activists, the Maoist operative who was responsible for the death of 26 CRPF jawans has made scathing charges against Human rights activists and Delhi University professor.

The man who surrendered to police after the COBRA team initiated search operation in parts of Sukma district affected by maoists has made a confession about the role of so called activists in the recent bomb blast which killed CRPF jawans and also was the master mind behind the Tadmetla attack that killed 75 CRPF jawans in 2010.

Maoist Podiyam Panda has named Nandini Sundar, professor of the Delhi University who is also charged with the murder of a tribal man and Bela Bhatia, a human rights activist in the press conference saying that he was the only link between them in Delhi and Bastar region. He has made shocking revelation that he used to drive activists from Delhi including Sundar and Bhatia on a motor bike deep into the forests areas to meet Maoists leaders like Ramanna, Hidma (alleged mastermind of this year’s deadly ambushes), Paparao Aaytu, Arjun.

Sukma SP Abhishek Meena said, “Maoist Podiyam Panda has been serving as the main link between inner cadre of Maoists and urban network system in Delhi, Raipur and other cities. He was also involved in active warfare. In his statement to police, he said he was part of recent Burkapal incident and had fired upon CRPF jawans with an Insas rifle. Panda was also part of the deadly Tadmetla attack that killed 75 CRPF jawans in 2010.”

The SP also said that panda surrendered on May 9th but the news wasn’t revealed due to security threats. Panda was sarpanch of Chintagufa (site of the April 24 attack) before he joined the Maoists in 1997.  The SP said he has revealed many hide outs of Maoists which has lead to the arrest of 8 people in the area.

Panda has also confessed about his role in deciding places to be attacked and how he received instructions from human rights activists in Delhi. The police said that Panda has given vital information about the Maoists activities in many areas and those villagers involved in Sukma attack. He has also revealed the names of many influential politicians in Delhi who have been helping Maoists providing them financial and ideological support.

He said that he had planned to surrender 2 years back, but many leaders opposed his move and kept him under watch. “I could surrender only after the rebels deployed to watch me got arrested in Minpa region” said Panda.

It is time that police take firm actions against these pseudo human rights activists who are hiding themselves in the name of human rights. The fact is the left parties, so called intellectuals, liberals and activists are funding these criminals to rage war against India. They are being heavily funded by international NGOs which want to destabilize India and disrupt the internal democracy in the country.

Not to be forgotten the lady Nandini Sundar named by the Maoist is none other than the wife of Siddharth Varadarajan who runs “The Wire” online new portal. He is an American Citizen who has been vocal against the Indian Army since many years. He has termed the kashmir issue as a crisis created by the Indian Army.

These are the same people who are supporting naxals and Maoist activities in the country and using them to gain political mileage.

Aishwaray S