Super Analysis!!! Why should India have a bullet train? Is it mandatory, or just a project to satisfy BJP’s ego?

If a poor man dreams big, is it a punishable sin? Yes, says the Indian National Congress. Are you shocked to hear this? Do you feel that this is fake news to tarnish the image of Congress party that has sunk India with scams?

Congress party says that it is a crime to dream big. When Modi wanted to upgrade the Indian Railways with the bullet train, the Congress started to laugh, comment and circulate negative messages to provoke anti-government vibes.

Centuries ago, one used to travel by walk or bullock cart. But as time passed, we upgraded to railways, buses and planes. And now time has come to move further and we need to embrace bullet trains. But, the Congress is hesitating for this change, but why? Even when India was heading towards cash less economy, Congress party was getting frustrated.

We heard few people saying that there were several rail derailments, then how can the government go for bullet train? “If you want to swim in the ocean, you cannot wait for the waves to end”, so we cannot wait until all our problems ends. We need to take few bold and tougher decisions which will in turn help India. Hasn’t Congress stuck to regressive thinking or is this is just a political plan to counter developmental projects of PM Modi at the cost of India?

India wouldn’t have had got airlines, if we thought that we will wait until we get proper road to each and every Indian house. The bullet train will not just reduce the time of journey but also will create employment opportunity to thousands.

The interest rate for this project is almost “ZERO”?

The commencement of work on the Country’s First High Speed (Bullet train) started on 14th September, 2017 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Japan will provide a soft loan of about Rs. 88,000 crore at just 0.1 % and repayment will start after 15 years.

Generally, any such loan even from World Bank or such other agencies costs about 5-7% with a repayment period of 25-35 years, thus India is getting loan for the High-Speed Rail Project at almost zero cost without putting any strain on existing financial resources available with the country, as more than 80% of the project cost is being funded by Government of Japan.

This is another big boost for “Make in India” mission. This will generate employment for nearly 20,000 people during the period of construction. The journey time will be 2.07hrs (limited stops), 2.58hrs (stopping at stations) with regard to the existing train travel time of 7-8 hours. This is for the first time in India that an infrastructure project is being funded under such favourable terms.

How the economy will be benefitted?

As mentioned earlier, 20,000 construction jobs will be generated. Along with it 4,000 direct employment for operations and 20,000 indirect jobs too will be generated. Massive boost to urban and industrial development along the corridor is expected. India will be motivated to build few more bullet train after the completion of this project.

Keeping this scale-up in mind, there are other high speed corridors which are being reviewed – Delhi Kolkata, Delhi Mumbai, Mumbai Chennai, Delhi-Chandigarh, Mumbai-Nagpur, Delhi- Nagpur. All these corridors will also be able to operate high speed trains in the future. For this, the Ministry of Railways has constituted the National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited, which is also implementing this MAHSR project.

Credits: Balaji Viswanathan

Hansika Raj