‘Super Boys’ were ready to kill Dawood in 2013, but who saved him?

Most times we wonder India being such powerful country could not nab Dawood Ibrahim even after 25 years. We criticize the RAW and intelligence officers questioning why weren’t they able to arrest or kill Dawood.

But one should understand the biggest enemy of any country are not those who attack from outside, but those who are inside and attack us from within. India has always been a victim of insiders not just in recent times but for centuries. Most of out battles were lost because of the moles and insiders who betrayed the Nation and back stabbed their own Kings and Queens. Even today the situation hasn’t changed and India has most dangerous enemies within the country than outside.

So, if 10 people want to kill Dawood, there are 100 people who would save him in our country. And most of the these people who support such terrorists and criminals occupy the highest powers in the government and control every action. This is exactly why India has failed to nab Dawood, not once or twice but 7 times before. Yes, seven attempts were made to nab Dawood since 1994, but most of these efforts went in vain due to abort orders from top officials many times.

In the year 1994 itself, 4 attempts were made to arrest Dawood, but the internal sabotage in the operation helped in escape every time. But in the year 2004, a serious attempt was made to kill Dawood during the Vajpayee government. The plan was planned to be executed in 2005, but then the Vajpayee government had fallen and the Congress government was in power.The operation to execute Dawood was carefully planned by none other than the present National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. The entire responsibility of the operation was with him. He had information that Dawood was to attend his daughter’s wedding with former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad’s son. The grand ceremony was to be held in Grand Hyatt hotel in Dubai.

Ajit Doval who knew that Indian security had many moles and would leak the information did not hire Indian Commandos for the job, but hired the top enemy of Dawood Ibrahim Chota Rajan. Chota Rajan’s 2 boys Vicky Malhotra and Farid Tanasha were picked to execute Dawood and finally they were given training and instructions. Until the last week the entire operation was kept secret, but just a week before the team planned to leave to Dubai, the Mumbai police team all of a sudden traveled to Delhi and arrested Vicky Malhotra who was traveling in a car, along with him was National Security Advisor Ajit Doval who was also arrested and the entire operation to kill Dawood was aborted. It was found that the secret operation was leaked in the highest level and instructions were given to Mumbai police to arrest Vicky Malhotra who was hired to execute Dawood.

Why Was Ajit Doval Arrested by Mumbai Police in 2005???

But this was not the end. In 2013, another attempt was made by the Indian Intelligence team to kill Dawood. The Indian Intelligence Wing RAW had planned to execute Dawood who was said to be in Pakistan and had accordingly hired 9 commandos for the operation. The plan was to infiltrate commandos into Pakistan and execute Dawood in Karachi. The team was given the name ‘Super Boys’.

According to reports, the RAW had sort the help of Israel Intelligence MOSSAD and the date of execution was set on 13 September 2013. It is said that Dawood traveled from his Clifton Road home to the Defence Housing Society every day and the RAW decided to use this opportunity and a dargah on the way was chosen as the spot for execution.

On September 13, 2013, the nine commandos took positions across the road and they had all the details of Dawood’s car in addition to a latest video which exposed his present appearance. But just minutes before the move, a phone call put a break to entire operation. The RAW never revealed about the mysterious phone call, but on later stages it was said that the phone call came from a very powerful top official of the then government.

So, it is obvious that some powerful people in the political circles never want Dawood to be arrested or killed. It is time and again proved that internal sabotage was the main reason for India failing to nab Dawood.

Aishwarya S