Superstition or Science? With Pope’s blessing and gallons of nun urine, fertility drug is made

Now days, Modern science is one of the advanced science in a history of mankind. But, behind some inventions, secret spins. The history of “Fertility Drug” is full of suspense and quirky events.

These drugs are one of the miracles of modern science. Using hormones to induce ovulation, drugs kick start its work. This concept was pioneered by the Italian Scientist, Piero Donini in the late 1940’s. When he was working, he was the first scientist who purified the FSH and LH hormones and to be used in fertility drugs.

He discovered the advantage of LH and FSH! 

He discovered that these ovulation-inducing hormones can be found in urine of adult women. Especially, in women who have gone through menopause. He claimed that the body increases production of FSH and LH hormones in order to “Kickstart” the ovulation again. He followed the purified version of FSH and LS “Pergonal” (From the Gonads).

His new experiment about the identification of Pergonal did not immediately give results in a drug markets. But, When Bruno Lunenfeld came across Donini’s research, the drug has jumped to market.

Bruno himself admitted that he was very interested in fertility medication, because of a desire to help European Jews to increase their numbers after the Holocaust!!

In an interview, Lunenfeld had described how, after presenting his request to Serono’s board of directors for help finding 400 menopausal women to provide their urine daily over a long period, he ran out crying when the chairman Haaretz replied him, “Very nice, but we are a drug factory, not a urinal factory.”!

They believed that the urine of nuns will be more powerful!

According to Lunenfeld: “Prince Pacelli gave exactly the same speech I had given 10 days earlier but at the end he added one sentence: ‘My uncle, Pope Pius, has decided to help us and to ask the nuns in the old-age home to collect urine daily for a shared cause.”

Serona board member Giulio Pacelli was an Italian aristocrat who just happened to be the nephew of Pope Pius XII. As his order, The Vatican soon began delivering nun urine by the truckload, with 10 Sisters providing enough pee for one treatment every 10 days. In 1962, the very first baby, a girl, was born in Tel Aviv thanks to the treatments made possible by Lunenfeld, Donini and the nuns’ urine.

This drug is being responsible for the births of million babies in European countries. None was aware of the truths buried beyond these inventions.

By the 1980s, Serono needed 30,000 liters of pee per day to keep up with demand. Fortunately, the company began synthesizing the necessary hormones in the 1990s.

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