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The Indian cricket lovers were very disappointed when India lost against the Pakistani cricket team last Sunday. But what hurts more is that when our own people celebrate Pakistan’s victory. These who celebrate Pakistan’s victory enjoy every benefit provided by our constitution but at last they bark against India.

In Karnataka’s Haveri, a man named Shabbir Ahmed started to chant slogans supporting Pakistan. But later he was booked and charged under IPC section 124 A and section 153A.

In another incident in Belagavi, Karnataka, few youths celebrated by bursting crackers. Out of three youths, the police have arrested Asif Athara. 2 others named Sohail Mulla and Iliyas Mulla are on the run and the police are trying to nab them. In few others places, youths have put up status on Facebook and have celebrated the victory of Pakistan.

This is not happening in Kashmir where the Separatists are trying to take away Kashmir from India. It is happening in states like Karnataka. Here the separatists don’t even have any roots. Then how this anti-India mentality started? These will have voters Id of India, all the benefits of ration card are reaped by them, they even obtain scholarships to their kid’s education from the government but they don’t preach patriotism towards India. They exhibit patriotism towards Pakistan. They behave like loyal dogs of Pakistan.

Major General Asif Ghafoor of Pakistan Army tweeted this to celebrate their victory after the Indo-Oak cricket match. We need not bother about this tweet because they are a species of frustrated people who are tired of facing defeats in the hands of India since their Independence. Let Major Gen Asif Ghafoor rejoice with the recent win.


Look at the man in the above video, look how openly he insults India and the Prime Minister of India. Is he saying this because India gave him hyper level of freedom of expression?

But what is disappointing is that why our own people are betraying us? Those who are celebrating Pakistan’s victory are the ones who will hurl bombs at India. But some political parties support them by saying that it is freedom of expression. To these political parties let me say that, freedom of expression won’t be there when a great nation like “Hindustan” is pushed into danger.

This is the tweet of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq; he is a person who is called as a separatist but we cannot find any differences between him and a terrorist. He is well known as a 12th man of the Pakistani cricket team as he has constantly boosts Pakistani cricketers’ morale.

The main reason for the increase in pro-Pakistani slogans is because of partial support of few media, politicians and pseudo-seculars. When anything against India is said, it should be unanimously condemned rather than looking at the religion of the person who is supporting Pakistan. That is the only way to tackle these pro-Pakistanis. Or else India may reach a situation, where every streets of India may have traitors like the separatists in Kashmir.

Vikrant Raj