Supreme Court Ayodhya Verdict: Is this the first step towards construction of Ram Temple?

The Ayodhya verdict today was indeed a surprise as the Indian judiciary has been well known for its secular attitude which has not been well received by the majority community of India. But today, the Ayodhya verdict has given some hope to the Hindu community which was waiting for justice for 3 decades or perhaps even centuries since the Ram Mandhir was destroyed by Mughals.

After the Supreme Court today declared that Mosque was not integral part of Islam, the Ram Mandhir issue has now inched closer towards a solution. The Hindu community had argued that the Mosque could be shifted anywhere and not required to be in the same place which is considered as the birth place of Lord Ram.

Now, the big question is what will be the next step after Supreme Court Verdict?!

The main issue here was about construction of Ram Mandhir which was blocked due to the presence of Mosque. Since the SC declared that Mosque was not integral part of Islam, it will now be shifted to a different place which will pave way for construction of Ram Temple. But the real case of land issue which is still in Supreme Court will have to be taken forward.But the biggest hurdle was shifting the mosque, which is now been solved.

Amidst the land issue, Dr Subramanian Swamy had filed a writ petition in the SC, seeking to allow him to pray in the Ram Mandhir as it was the fundamental right of every citizen to pray the God he wishes in the place he wants. So, the issue of fundamental right becomes superior and important than that of kand issue and needs to be addressed as priority. This means, in order to grant the fundamental right of any citizen, the Supreme Court will have to fast track the case and help the person grant his fundamental right.

The other advantage we have is, already most of the stake holders from the Muslim community have agreed to come to a mutual understanding with Hindus so as to solve the 3 decade old issue. Therefore, the court may soon likely to pronounce the verdict before the year ends which may pave way for the construction of the magnificent Ram temple in Ayodhya.

This will also help the Modi government and the BJP in a massive way before the 2019 elections and unite the entire Hindu community of the country.

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