Supreme Court gives Gokarna Temple control back to Ramachandrapura Mutt, slams Karnataka government “Not yours to control”!

It has become a habit and fashion for all governments to take control over Hindu temples and divert all money the temple gets to undeclared sources. Recently, the Karnataka government used the excuse of Kodagu floods and ordered 81 temples of Karnataka to donate to the CM flood relief fund. Donating was not the issue, but there is no account where the money was used and who benefited. According to internal sources of the government, the money received has not been utilized for the flood relief and there is no record of the utilization.

This was the reason, a PIL was filed in High Court where the court warned the government against forcing temples to donate money.

Similarly, many temples since years have been taken under the ambit of government without seeking people’s permission and crores of temple money is being looted by politicians for minority appeasement. It was also revealed that the temple money was being funded to Haj trips of minority while the temple priests were denied a decent salary.

The famous Gokarna temple was under the control of government till August 2008, but then government under BS Yedyurappa gave it back to the management of Ramachandrapur Mutt. But later the High Court ordered the Karnataka government to take back control of the Gokarna temple which lead to massive loot in the temple from government officials and politicians.

The Karnataka government later set a committee headed by judge BN Srikrishna and six officials to take care of the temple funds and administration.

However, The Ramachandrapura Mutt which was earlier taking care of the Temple administration filed a contempt plea in the Supreme Court against the government extending its control over the temple. Following this, the Supreme Court has now ordered the Karnataka government to give back all administrative and fund control back to Ramchandrapura Mutt and slammed the government saying “Temples are not your properties to control”   which has caused massive embarrassment to Karnataka government.

The government which was planning to loot temple money has been shamed by the Supreme Court and asked them to function within their ambit. There should be a law banning all government from extending their control on any temples in the country. These politicians have made temple their piggy banks, where they loot money when they want.

So, every temple should have their own temple authority which should be answerable to the people and the funds should be made sure is utilized for development purpose, temple rejuvenation and salaries of priests and not become politicians piggy bank fro their political gimmicks and appeasement.

Source and credit: Vijayawani



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