“Don’t be an Obstructionist in Every Issue!”-Supreme Court to Kejriwal!

The Supreme Court has again slammed the Kejriwal government for not installing the Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) to levy entry cess on commercial vehicles entering the NCR.

Inspite of orders, the Kejriwal government said that they need to re-think on the implementation of radio frequency devices. Hearing the argument, the court has come down heavily on Delhi Government asking “whether Kejriwal government was rethinking on orders of poll contractors“?! The court also advised Kejriwal to be progressive and forward-looking and not be an obstructionist in every issue. The bench headed by T S Thakur said this is 21st century and the whole world has RFID system installed many years back. In London the metro trains have them installed 100 years back and why is Delhi government blocking good technology?!

The court also advised the Delhi government to use the Green Cess collected from the commercial vehicles be used to install RFID devices. The Court also ordered release of Rs 93 Lakhs  within 6 weeks as fee to RITES for initiating the contract process.

Implementing RFID systems would reduce corruption and law breakers from evading tax. But seems like Kejriwal wants to help tax evaders for his personal benefit. There is no reason for blocking the implementation of RFID which would benefit the state in raising more funds.

Aishwarya S


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