Surgical Strike 2.0! Indian soldiers cross LoC to take revenge for the Martyrdom of our soldiers

In another massive retaliatory move, Indian Army troops are said to have crossed the LoC to avenge the deaths of 4 Indian Army soldiers who attained martyrdom on Saturday.

The retaliation has said to have resulted in the death of three Pakistani soldiers and one injured. Agencies have identified the Pakistani soldiers killed as sepoy Sajjad, sepoy Abdul Rehman and sepoy MUsman. The injured soldier has been identified as sepoy Athzaz Hussain.

Although the exact toll will be much more which the Pakistanis will never acknowledge and nor do the Indians know because the soldiers carrying out the attack wouldn’t stop and count the number of enemy soldiers they’ve killed.

Pakistani websites, social media and the ISPR are maintaining grave silence over this. This is reminiscent of the time after the surgical strikes in 2016. What indicates that the retaliation was beyond what Pakistan expected is the fact that Pakistani journalists are saying that the army wants the Foreign Affairs Ministry to handle this one.

Pakistan’s Inter Services Public Relations gave a very sombre statement saying that Indian forces opened fire along the Line of Control killing three of their soldiers. The raid happened in 12 Division of the 59 Balooch Unit in PoK, sources said.

“We got a go ahead to cross over and carry out an operation to avenge the killings of four soldiers including a major rank officer,”said government sources confirming the army strike in PoK.

Just a day before this massive cross-border raid, the Indian Army had killed a Pakistani sniper as well in retaliation.

Those – especially ‘defence experts’ on Twitter – who blame even abuse Prime Minister Narendra Modi after every time an Indian soldier is martyred, should shut up. Crossing the LoC is something that can’t happen unless the government gives permission. We all remember how Prime Minister Vajpayee didn’t allow the troops to cross the LoC during the Kargil War.

From not allowing soldiers to cross the LoC during a war to allowing the same even to carry out a retaliatory strike in revenge goes to show the kind of freedom and backing the forces have from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Instead of criticizing the government, people must understand the unprecedented manner in which India is now responding to its enemies!

“In a retaliatory action, Indian Army crossed the Line of Control & killed several Pakistan Army soldiers. Our troops are safe. Pakistan Army has admitted to 4 killed, however the number of Pak Army dead is much higher”. This is how Major Gaurav Arya hailed the strike.

“Modi said= We have given Free hands to Indian Army & they proved it they ‘Crossed LOC’ killed 3 Pakistani Snipers A Major, 4 Soldiers, Avenging the Death of our Officers and Killed JeM Terrorist Noor Muhammad in Pulwama”, tweeted Anmol Katiyar.


Vinayak Jain