Surgical strike on black money:10 people badly affected by PM Modi!!

All said and done, we know that demonetization was a historical move by Modi government and I believe that no other PM would have had guts to do this. The way PM Modi went about implementing and executing this demonetization only made sure the corrupt and anti-nationals had absolute no chance to save themselves. Millions of Black money was recovered and 1000s of people involved in illegal activities were raided and arrested. While the move was largely appreciated by the common man a lot of paid media and pseudo secular journalist did everything possible to project demonetization as failed however they failed miserable. But there were certain section of the people in the society who were deeply affected by demonization and yes they were no common man. We will tell you who were these people and why demonization effected them..

  1. Politicians

Politicians and political parties were affected massively by this move. While the 5 state elections were nearing most political parties and politicians were banking on their black money to fight elections. They probably also had planned on how and where they would spend their black money but the demonization totally washed out their plans and were forced to fight elections based on the merits.


  1. Terrorism Organisations

Terrorist organizations doesn’t function only on the religious preaching’s but also need funding in large amount to carry out the anti-national activities. Many youths in Kashmir are hired as daily wage labourers and their job is to pelt stones at Indian army.  These terrorist organizations usually function with the courtesy of fake currency printers. Usually the black money which is stocked with anti-national forces are used to buy ammunitions and guns. With absolute shortage of funds to not buy weapons and fund their daily stone pelters we had seen drastic reduction of violence in Kashmir and terrorist attack in India had almost reduced.


  1. Movie producers and starts

The connection between Underworld and Indian movie industry is known secret. Underworld has been investing in Indian movies to convert their black money to white, probably the easiest way of converting black money to white. Black money is used for suppression of receipts from movies using ancillary sources, inflation of expenses and a huge amount of out-of-books payments/receipts and profits from the success of the movie go back into the system. It has been known that some movie stars get half payment via banks and rest is given as cash to avoid taxes. However this would now be tracked since all the transaction involved for more than 3 lakh needs to be done online. The Movie producers ran around to protect their money and were seen joining the pseudo secular journalists and opposition political parties to protest against the demonetization


  1. Hawala dealers

Hawala is a popular and informal value transfer system based on the performance and honour of a huge network of money brokers. They are primarily used to send money from the country and most of their transactions are done through black money. India and middle-east can be called the hub of Hawala transactions, but with the Rs.1000/500 notes ceasing to be valid currency many Hawala dealers will be in deep trouble.


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