Surgical strike on black money:10 people badly affected by PM Modi!!

  1. Land Mafia

Indian real estate prices are overly inflated blame it on the black money for making land unaffordable for the common man. The real estate owners while doing the legal transactions show lower property value but demand higher price in cash. The land is sold documents and bank transaction show a price that is as per government regulation however the amount paid in case in never showed. The cash transaction done apart from the amount mentioned in papers in never tracked. The real estate industry made loads of money with such illegal transaction. Demonetization has now put an end to all those illegally earned money


  1. Rich Agricultural Land Owners

Agricultural income is a legal loophole through which huge amount of black money is converted into white. While the honest farmer tills the land and barely makes enough to feed his family rich agricultural land owners make a mockery out of the system and stash money away. There have been stories of extremely wealthy “farmers” giving direct support to political parties to acquire more land and continue their swindling.


  1. Fake Currency Dealers

Over the past many years thousands of crores worth fake currency has been printed and circulated in India. It is found that Pakistan has dedicated a part of their budget to print Indian fake currency. Some even claim these fake notes have become so perfect and are injected into the Indian market via Nepal border.  A report of national media showed tons of papers used for printed Indian fake currency in Pakistan were disposed in Baluchistan. Lorries carrying tons of such paper were seen lit to fire by the fake currency dealers.


  1. Sports betting

Sports betting is illegal in India yet a multi-crore business. Again a underworld connection which is betting in millions to infiltrate their back money to the market.  These channels accept and use only black money as the business itself is illegal and payments are strictly cash.


  1. Education Institutes

Most educational institutions in India ask for a donation which is usually paid as hard cash in fact the parents are asked to pay it as cash and not online payment. Many education institute across the country function only for getting maximum donations and these institutions do not provide any record for such transactions and  crores such money are then used to buy land. Education institute in the country had eventually become a mafia before demonization bought an end to their operations.


  1. Fake NGO

Many NGO were asked to shut down their presence in India post they were found illegally operating and involved in Money laundering and religious conversion. The sources of their funding were mysterious and it was also alleged these NGO were funding the Naxals within the country to carry our anti national activities. There are hundreds of thousands of fake trusts and charitable organizations that exist for the sole purpose of swindling money and converting black money into white. What will happen to their cash reserves will be interesting.


Demonetization was undoubtedly a brilliant move by PM Modi and no other leaders in the country would dare to ever do something like this in future. Interestingly common man stood by the PM to make it a success and nail the corrupt and the anti-nationals. This move was well appreciated by economist  around the world apart from the people listed above many Indians feel proud to have a PM who not only takes bold decisions but also work relentlessly to make our society a better place to live.

Tasleem Ibrahim

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