Surprised at Congress backing terrorists? Never forget how Congress begged the ‘father of terrorists’ to eliminate PM Modi

Gujarat ATS recently caught two terrorists who were planning to carry out attacks in Gujarat before the polls in December. One of the terrorists – Mohammad Qasim– was employed in a hospital whose trustee is Congress leader Ahmed Patel.

Congress immediately came to the rescue of Patel saying that this in no way implicates him to any wrongdoing. Even some media handles like ‘Janta ka Reporter’ sent out imbecile tweets of Ahmed Patel’s supposed resignation letter that was handwritten with not even the hospital stamp.

Anyways. What’s surprising is that people are still surprised at this. Hasn’t Congress got a rich history of both openly and secretively backing anti-Indian extremist elements?

Congress backed Ishrat Jahan who was tasked with eliminating senior Gujarat BJP leaders Narendra Modi and LK Advani. The party along with the media spread this rhetoric that the Gujarat police had under the aegis of Chief Minister Narendra Modi encountered an innocent girl.

We’ve also heard Congress leaders call terrorist Osama Bin Laden ‘Osama ji’. No other single incident probably highlights the extent to which the Congress leadership has a soft spot for terrorists than this.

But then again, Congress is known to surpass its own feats. This was done by a certain Mani Shankar Aiyar who has a history of outrageous comments that have only gone on to cause harm to his ownparty. Here’s one such incident where the Congress leader openly asks for Pakistan’s help to remove Prime Minister Modi –

The Pakistani reporter asks Aiyar regarding the way out of the thaw that India and Pakistan find themselves in with respect to their ties under the Narendra Modi government, to which Aiyar replies: “Bring us and remove them (NDA). There is no other way.”

The reporter then asks, “Even you can remove them.”

To this, Aiyar arrogantly replies: “Yes, we will remove them, but you’ll have to be patient till then.”

Backing terrorists is one thing, asking for help from a rogue state that threatens India’s existence with nuclear weapons and bleeds India through its terrorism to remove an elected prime minister is absolutely another.

This shows the level to which Congress can fall to be in power. They’ll support terrorists so that they don’t anger their vote-bank even if it means killings of our civilians and soldiers, and they’ll make peace even with Pakistan if they feel it’ll help them oust an opposition leader.

Important state elections of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh are coming up, and our appeal to people is to use their brains before voting, and a party that seems willing to go hand-in-hand with an enemy state to gain power can only and only destroy our country.

Vinayak Jain