Survey reveals People trust Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) more than the Supreme Court and Parliament

After a long time, India is blessed with such a leader who has taken India to great heights. People of all faiths and religions have immense trust in the leadership of Prime Minister Modi.

No matter how much the Opposition tries to spread lies and disgrace Prime Minister Modi and his Government it cannot shake the faith of the people on Prime Minister Modi and his Government. Prime Minister Modi is the first choice of the people of the nation and will always be.

A recent survey conducted by the FirstPost named “National Trust Survey” has also confirmed the same.
According to the survey, the level of people trust in Prime Minister Modi leadership is such that 74.4% of the respondents trust the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) more than the Supreme Court and Parliament even. There is more faith than ever before. The nation has immense confidence in the Modi government. Only 72.6% people have shown trust in Supreme Court whereas 71.7 % have shown faith in Parliament while the main opposition party is at the bottom of the list getting the response from 53.3% people

This survey is done by Ipsos, A global market research firm based in Paris that surveyed approximately 35,000 people in 23 states covering 320 parliamentary constituencies in urban and rural wards. The purpose of the survey was to measure the political status of voters and to understand the reasons behind it.

Also according to the survey, people of this country rely on the Bhartiya Janta Party Government more than the Congress party to solve issues such as inflation, petrol prices, infrastructure development, lack of employment opportunities etc.

All the Hindi Heartland states are still with Modi Government despite of the wrong facts presented about them that they have lost interest in PM Modi Government after recent elections in state of Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan were won by the Congress. Although in some states like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu people have shown little tilt toward Congress President Rahul Gandhi

According to the survey, when asked about the working style of PM Modi Government, people like the way and are satisfied with the way of working of Prime Minister Modi and his Government and they feel safe and happy by handing over the nation in the hands of leader like PM Modi.

When asked who they would like to see at the Prime Ministerial level in 2019, 52.8% people want to see Narendra Modi as Prime Minister again while 26.9 % were in favour of Congress President Rahul Gandhi.
What would be the important issues on which 2019 LokSabha Elections will be fought and what will be the main agenda for the elections? To this 85% of people responded that they believe that elections will be fought on development issues, not on issues of caste and religion.

Asked about who will be their choice, whom they will vote united alliance or NDA in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019, 58% of the people have confirmed that they will vote for NDA in the coming time while 48% said they will vote for the united alliance.

On the matter of Lord Ram Mandir construction, about 75% of the people have said that they support ordinance in Ram temple case.

It is clear from the above all findings that people are not affected by the false propaganda’s of Congress President Rahul Gandhi. People are standing rock solid with PM Modi and his Government.

Source : Money Control