Survey reveals!! PM Modi is the top choice of Prime Ministerial candidate for 2019

Today PM Narendra Modi and his government has completed its 4 years in office. After assuming office, PM Narendra Modi and his government has worked hard day and night for developing the nation. Not only at national level, but internationally also Modi Government achievements has always made the nation proud. Despite of all his achievements what the bigger question that remains today is Will people vote for Modi Government again? Will Modi Government get another 5 years term in 2019 ? How much happy the masses are with the Government?

The answers to the above questions would be best received by judging the mood of the nation. And the mood of the nation is “PM MODI AGAIN”. This has been confirmed by the recently conducted online poll “Pulse of the Nation” by the Times Group. According to the poll PM Modi is the top choice of Prime ministerial candidate for the nation with almost two-third (71.9%) of people voting in favour of him. The Congress president doesn’t even reserved a second number on the list with 16.1% per cent of respondents saying that their vote for Prime minister will go to a candidate other than Modi or Rahul Gandhi. Only mere 11.93 % people said they will vote for Rahul Gandhi.

The Times Group poll was conducted between May 23-25 in 9 languages across 9 media properties of the Times Group. Total of 8,44,646 respondents has taken the ‘Pulse of the Nation’ survey. The poll was conducted on different parameters to judge the mood of the nation such as performance, most proud achievement, biggest failure, status of minorities, efforts to reduce unemployment, government’s foreign policy, improvement of your life under Modi Government, scenario after the next LokSabha polls, united opposition alliance effectiveness against Modi Government.

Performance of the Modi Government

The survey reveals that people has voted Modi Government performance in four categories as very good, good, average and poor with  47.4% voting in the good category,20.6 % as good,11.38 % as average and 20.55 % rating it below average.

Most successful policy decision

When asked about what is the most successful policy of the government  33.42 % admired the implementation of GST as their top most choice, with 21.9 % voting for Demonetisation,19.89 % for surgical strikes and 9.7 % voting in favour of Jan Dhan Yojna.

Biggest Failure of the Government

People are not happy with the employment generation by the Modi Government with 28.3% of respondents stating it as the biggest failure of Modi Government followed by other issues at 22.64 %, demonetisation at 22.20 %, Kashmir policy at 14.28 % and agrarian crisis at 12.58 %.

When asked about how much satisfied they are with the  government’s effort in reduction of employment 58.4% responded that they were satisfied. Out of these 37.2% fell in the satisfied category and other 21.2 % regarded it as very good.

 Security of Minorities under the Modi Government

Majority of the people have responded positively, shutting the mouth of all those who always make loud cries about it.59.41 % said they did not think minority groups felt insecure under the NDA government while 30 % said insecurity is there, rest of the 10. 58 % was unable to answer the question.

Modi Government Foreign Policy

PM Modi’s foreign policy received a big push with 80 % of voters praising it 62.63 % referred it as very good,17.43 %  as good,15.84 % as poor while rest 4.10 % didn’t said anything.

Effectiveness of United Alliance

The most important question now in everyone’s mind how the NDA government will be effected by the formation of the united alliance. 73.36% respondents said  that Modi Government will make a strong comeback, 16.04% voted for the third front , while only 10.59% voted for Congress President Rahul Gandhi led Government.

Improvement of Life Under Modi Government

55 % people believe that after Modi Governement came into power in 2014 their lives have improved a lot while 33.92 % voters were not satisfied with the Modi Government.

If we look at overall analysis of the poll based on all the factors where people has responded positively as well as negatively it is clear that still Modi Magic continues and the mood of the nation is in favour of BJP

Credits : Times Of India



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