Survey reveals that PM Modi will once again be the Prime Minister of India by winning 2019 Lok Sabha Elections! Check how much seats will BJP secure

For all those having confused minds over the results of upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019, clear out your minds because here’s what you need to read. Opposition parties throwing baskets full of promises and claiming to emerge victorious next year, better change minds and take up a different profession waving good bye to politics!

If you think the upcoming Parliamentary elections will throw surprises, you may be wrong. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will continue to rule as the PM of India and the PM Led- BJP will return to power again after the upcoming General Elections to be held in May 2019, a survey conducted by the ABP News-CVoter has claimed.

The BJP, along with its alliance partners, would win a majority of seats in the most states. Some states like Punjab, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh could, however, show some resistance if the Opposition parties are able to form a united force against the PM Modi-led BJP.

The Survey named as ‘Deskh Ka Mood‘, says the NDA would get the highest vote share of 38%, while UPA’s vote share would not exceed 25% but it will see a significant rise from the previous elections. Other parties would win around 37% seats. In terms of overall seat projections, NDA would win 276 votes, UPA 112 seats and others are expected to win over 155 seats.

According to the Survey conducted, Mahagathbandhan ( which is now seeing a huge breakage one after the other), the survey predicts if the Congress joins hands with SP-BSP alliance in Uttar Pradesh,it would benefit the Dynasty rule but this dream seems to be not coming true! Right before was released, the grand alliance, no more exists and the forces standing against PM Modi have now separated.

The Survey Claims, BJP is expected emerge victorious in the north-eastern states where it could win over 18 seats, while UPA would have to satisfy with just six seats. In Delhi, where the BJP will have a face-off with the Aam Aadmi Party, the saffron party is expected to win all the seven parliamentary seats.

The survey says if the BJP-Shiv Sena split happens in Maharashtra, the NCP-Congress alliance, (if at all they join hands) could gain most in state ruled by the BJP.

Though Modi’s popularity has seen a decline in the past one year, he is still way ahead of his rivals, says the survey. Around 63% of those who were surveyed said PM Narendra Modi is their top choice for the PM post, and just half (34%) of the respondents agreed that they want to see Rahul Gandhi as their next Prime Minister.

Let’s be positive towards the people’s choice and let’s keep our fingers crossed for the upcoming results for the future of the nation. Yes, we know that our most loved PM has a strong hold for the PM’s post ( of course he well deserves it) but working towards the Elections Polls is the duty of each one of us.In 2014, the BJP-led NDA had won the Parliamentary elections by winning 336 seats in the 543-member Lok Sabha. The BJP had emerged as the single largest party with 282 seats alone. And this was possible with Sincere efforts and not through Vote Bank Politics.

As our well deserved PM says, it is your “Kaam”(Work) that must do the talking. Not your “Naam”(Name). 

Source: indianexpress.com

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