Survey reveals that PM Modi’s popularity skyrocketed! In Front of PM Modi’s popularity, Rahul Gandhi stands nowhere

The Opposition parties tried their best to degrade PM Modi and his Government. They left no stone unturned to tarnish his image. They stooped so low that they even did politics over our soldier’s death. They questioned PM Modi first, blamed him for the attack, lashed out at him for not doing anything. Later, when he took revenge instead of supporting his move they posed a question mark on our soldier’s capability and demanded proof from the Government for the strikes

They thought that this will help them a lot in creating false narrative against Prime Minister Modi. And they will be able to present him as a villain. But as usual our hero Prime Minister Modi turned all the tables and opposition got trapped in their own plan and received flak from nation

The C- Voter Survey by Republic TV has also represented the same. Survey states that PM Modi’s popularity has shown a major upswing and Congress President Rahul Gandhi stands nowhere in front of him
The Survey has captured the overall satisfaction with the working of Prime Minister Modi and divided it into three categories Very much satisfied’, ‘Satisfied to some extent’, ‘not at all satisfied’ and ‘Don’t know/Can’t say’ from which a ‘Nett satisfaction’ has been determined.

According to the survey, on Budget day, i.e. February 1, 2019, net satisfaction with the Prime Minister’s working was at 39.1%

Budget day – Feb 1, 2019:
Very much satisfied: 44.2%
Satisfied to some extent: 24.7%
Not at all satisfied: 29.8%
Don’t Know/Can’t Say: 1.3%
Nett Satisfaction: 39.1%

But this saw the immediate increase of 1.2 %, the very next day because of the measures such as Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi direct benefit transfer to farmer’s scheme, the income tax rebate for individual taxpayers, the pension scheme for the unorganised sector, the TDS relief renters and capital gains tax rollover for home-owners

And after the recent Air Strikes carried out by Indian Air Force on Pakistan Terror camps the trust of the nation in Modi Government has sky rocketed. On the very next day of Air Strikes, i.e. Feb 27, the nett satisfaction jumped to 53.6% – by 1.7% day-on-day.

On the last day of survey i.e. two days before on 7th March the net satisfaction further rose to 63.2 %

7th March
Very much satisfied: 56%
Satisfied to some extent: 25.1%
Not at all satisfied: 17.9%
Don’t Know/Can’t Say: 1%
Nett Satisfaction: 63.2%

The Congress President Rahul Gandhi received only 26.6 % votes. This shows that PM Narendra Modi is the popular choice of the nation and nation feels more secure and safe under him. Modi wave is not over but has strengthened more

Source : Republic World