Survey reveals!PM Modi is by far the most popular leader in the nation, 63 % want him to return as PM

The countdown to voting for the biggest festival of democracy has begun. As the time for voting is coming near so will be the result for the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Although what would be the actual result that will be known only on the D- Day but various surveys and analysis have one thing in common that is the comeback of PM Modi led BJP Government. All the surveys predict that PM Narendra Modi is by far the most popular leader in the country today and the opposition stands nowhere in front of him. Opposition do not have any suitable candidate which could meet the levels of PM Modi in his vision for the nation

Recent survey conducted by FirstPost –IPSOS i.e. National Trust Survey carried out across thirty-one thousand voters from March 2 to 22 reveals that 63 % people want PM Modi to return as Prime Minister and people trust BJP more than the Congress on most issues. The trust in the BJP is higher on issues related to infrastructure, national security and corruption.

This is the second phase of the National Trust Survey conducted by the First Post. PM Modi’s popularity has increased almost 10 percentage points more as compared to the first round of the National Trust Survey conducted in November-January 2018. PM Modi’s approval rating which was earlier double than the Congress President has increased upto four times

The survey shows big increase in approval rating of Prime Minister in Odisha and West Bengal which will bring big gains for the party in these states where earlier it has not much presence whereas In North East-India the PM’s rating remains far below the average.

From 52.8 % PM Modi’s approval rating has increased to 63 % whereas Congress President stands at a mere approval rating of 16 % which has come down from 26.9%. Moreover, People find PM Modi as more warm and compassionate leader as compared to Rahul Gandhi. Not only has the gap in the popularity levels of the two leaders further widened, but Rahul Gandhi’s public perception remains poor. A large number of respondents thinks that he has shown great maturity in understanding India’s problems

People are happy with the Governance of PM Modi Government and believe he is the one who has taken India to great heights; he is the one who created a better image of India abroad and has capacity to take big risks, bring big changes and to take care of the country

Within 4 days the nation is going to choose their future which is completely in their hands. With the power of their one vote they can “Make the Nation” or “Break the Nation”. The choice is theirs now. But they should cast their vote wisely

Source: News18