Sushma Swaraj delivers justice; How she rescued a French woman from illegally getting extradited to Chile

Is it legal to extradite an Indian citizen to Pakistan government when he/she is on a visit to Dubai? This will be a breach of law, similarly India was about to commit a mistake. But External affairs Minister intervened on time and delivered justice to a French citizen.

57 year old Marie Emmanuelle Verhoeven was a French woman and had landed in India on a valid Visa. But she faced the nightmare of her life when she was arrested and put in Tihar Jail. She spent nearly two years inside the jail and this was all on the request of Chile government.

The Chile government had alleged that she was involved in an assassination of a leader from Chile at the UN Mission. She was a suspect because the Chile government said that she had links with the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front that carried out the political killing of a senator named Jaime Guzman Errazuriz in 1991.

Marie Emmanuelle was a member of the Latin American Economic and Social Committee and she lived in Chile from 1985 to 1995.

Marie Emmanuelle Verhoeven is free to go home, after MEA intervention

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj finally gave justice to Marie by cancelling the illegal extradition of this French lady. The Chile government was keenly tracking Marie from 2010 and had tried to arrest her. When Marie was in Germany, the Chile government had requested the Germans to extradite but they rejected it and said to contact the French authority. But when she landed in Indian, the Indian officials committed a mistake by arresting her which was completely illegal.

Marie’s health and mental condition was hit during her stay in the jail. During court proceedings her cell phones were snatched by spies of Chile so that they can track her call details.

This case was taken up by Advocate Ramni Taneja and later on Dr Subramanian Swamy alerted PMO. Swamy said that the move taken by Indian authorities was illegal.

Finally on July 26, Sushma Swaraj provided justice to Marie and on the same day, Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Jyoti Kler ordered to release the passport and other documents to Marie Emmanuelle Verhoeven. She will soon leave to France. She frequently visited India because she was attracted to Buddhism.



Nishika Ram