Suspicions are turning into reality! A master plan hatched by Modi haters to eliminate the Modi govt?

What happened today was not just unfortunate but even a tragic incident. Before we judge anyone or point our fingers at someone, let us focus on the tweets made by some of the so-called saviours of democracy.

Have a look at the below these, all of these ends with the hashtag “DemocracyInDanger”!

Days ago, Congress with the help of terror sympathizer Jignesh Mevani tried to burn down Maharashtra and Delhi. Now. it has formulated another tactic, which is to target the pillar of democracy- Judiciary. By looking at the statements made by Congress, it has made people to think whether this is a conspiracy of Congress party.

  • For the first time in history, 4 sitting SC judges publicly questioned the functioning of the Supreme Court. Is the Modi Govt interfering with India’s judiciary? #DemocracyInDanger

Hasiba is the National Social Media Coordinator of Congress!

  • We are very concerned to hear 4 judges of the Supreme Court expressed concerns about the functioning of the Supreme CEvery institution in our country being compromised. RBI, UGC, Universities, ECI, MCI and now Supreme Court. We need to save our country. This is not small. #DemocracyInDangerourt. #DemocracyInDanger

This man named Gaurav Pandhi gained popularity after spreading fake news during demonetisation!

  • When 4 senior SC judges in an unprecedented manner hold a presser, to inform the nation that democracy in the country might not survive, it’s time for people to understand the extent to which the ruling dispensation is muzzling the judiciary. #DemocracyInDanger

Who can forget this lady? Even she is an expert in spreading fake news and hatred against Hindus and Modi government! Focus on what she says

9th Jan, 2018: “Democracy is under threat” – Jignesh Mevani

12th Jan, 2018: “Democracy is under threat” – Supreme Court Judges

Here comes the massive self-goal of the Congress!

Today, the press meet made by the 4 judges- J Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, MB Lokur and Kurian Joseph– clearly seemed suspicious but they never pointed fingers directly at the Modi government.

  • It is an extraordinary event in the history of any nation. There is no pleasure in this, we were compelled to do this, the administration of the Supreme Court is not in order.
  • We owe a responsibility to the institution and the nation. Our efforts have failed in convincing the Chief Justice to take steps to protect the institution.
  • We are nobody to decide, let the nation decide.

They raged a war at the ICJ Deepak Misra but never ever pointed their finger at the Modi government. But after the press meet, judge J Chelameswar met the top left leader which made it clear that this was a conspiracy. This was even captured on the camera of the media.

This conspiracy was exposed by shamed by Indians, then and there itself!

  • Today’s judges incident has genuinely hurt almost every citizen who, irrespective of political alignment, wants India to be strong. Even I am extremely disappointed, confused and hurt. Didn’t struggle so much to see this day. Who do I trust?
  • Out of 24 judges, democracy is dying for 4 judges. Are 20 judges blind? Or these 4 judges have a third eye?

Alarmist nonsense for 4 SC judges to say “Indian democracy won’t survive” just because SC cases are selectively assigned. Indian democracy survived SC’s craven surrender to Indira Gandhi in #Emergency. Subtext here is an assignment of Justice #Loya case. Watch MSM playbook