SUV and luxury cars! “People will recognise me only if I have a Big Car”, this is what the Karnataka ministers are demanding while farmers are suffering

It has not been long the Congress- JDS coalition Government has been formed in Karnataka that the Ministers of the Government have started showing their true colours. The Ministers of the Government has proved that they are accustomed to luxurious lifestyle and they can’t compensate it any cost. This time, the ministers in the newly formed Government has demanded the high –end luxurious cars from the Government.

Karnataka Food and Civil Supplies Minister Zameer Ahmed Khan,  has demanded a high end luxurious SUV or  Fortuner from Government despite already having one .The minister claims  he need this SUV because “ If he will not ride in the bigger car he will not be recognised by the people” . Moreover, he also said that he is used to such big cars since childhood. “I am used to travelling in a big car. The Toyota Innova car given by the DPAR is a small one.  I don’t find it comfortable because I have always travelled in vehicles that are big (in height),Innova is low level, It will be good if the Toyota Fortuner similar to one Siddaramaiah (former chief minister) was using is given to me” the Congress Minister said.

When confronted by the media that he can also use his own personal vehicle if he is so used to it like CM H.D Kumaraswamy is using, the minister said, “Kumaraswamy  is a popular face, He is recognized everywhere.Everyone knows him. He needs no introduction.He is so popular. I’m just a minister. I too have a wish. It is rare to get this opportunity”

The minister further said “People have to recognise us as ministers. If I go by a normal car, will people recognise me? If I go by minister’s (government) car, they will say look the minister is going,” 

Congress MP Syed Naseer Hussain, however, defended Khan, saying there was nothing wrong in a minister requesting for a particular type of vehicle.“You people (the media) highlight unimportant issues. What’s wrong in putting in a request? If a minister is uncomfortable in a car, why can’t he ask for another?” Hussain, a Rajya Sabha member from the state, said.

Is this the austerity CM H.D. KumaraSwamy urged his government to observe? The CM has earlier urged the ministers not to buy new cars, fly economy and cut down on refurbishing and renovating government offices or residences hoping these measures will help fulfill his promise to waive farm loans — pegged at a staggering Rs 50,000 crore.Is the Newly formed Government and Ministers will help farmers in this way by owing luxury car?

This is actually the reality of Karnataka Government Ministers who are in service for the people (namesake). They believe only parameter to give recognition to their ministerialship is car. These ministers doesn’t believe in working for people and make them renown by their work but by car. They are not concerned in working for the betterment of people but more concerned about their popularity.

Why is Rahul Gandhi and CM Kumaraswamy silent on this? Do they have any answers for such stupid remarks by their ministers? They always used to target PM Modi and BJP Government by referring them to as “Suit-Boot Ki Sarkar” when in reality all the ministers in Modi Government are down to earth and believe in simplicity. They all are known by their work not by their cars.

Source: Hindustan Times