“If you take even a single rupee bribe you will face consequences, if you can’t accept this, resign within a week” watch how Piyush Goyal brutally slammed UP bureaucrats!

A video of Piyush Goyal has gone viral on Social media, in which he is seen slamming the UP officials in the power sector.

Mr Piyush Goyal gave a final warning to the officials who until now were known for misusing their positions and power for demanding bribe and making illegal deals with many power companies. The Power Minister, said that if he comes across any information that officials had taken a single rupee bribe then they will be subjected to the most stringent punishment without mercy. He said that if anyone was under the practice of giving government projects to their relatives, friends or family members, they will be thrown out immediately.

He warned them to stop all their age old practice of taking bribe and favouring their relatives through government deals and told them to work sincerely. However powerful you may be, who ever you may be, if you cannot work, then resign and GO!

There may be deals on quality check, real estate and other government projects, If I come across anyone misusing their position then I will not think to take stringent action!

He said, if someone has problems with the new system and rules, they can resign immediately and walk out of the office. He said one week time will be given and all officials can resign if they cannot accept the hard fact.

This was one of the most hard talk by Piyush Goyal. After the BJP won the UP elections, there has been drastic change in the functioning of the government and all those lazy officials and bureaucrats who had the habit of skipping their duty are taken into task and have been warned to work sincerely. The UP Chief Minister has also given clear directions to officials that they MUST work for 18 hours a day.

The government has swung into swift action and there is no place for those who now consider government job as relaxing time. All officials are literally facing the heat of BJP government and are forced to work.

This is indeed a great move which the country desperately required. We have to congratulate the way UP CM and all the ministers are working.

Aishwarya S