A teacher who educated tribal kids was raped & killed by Salimuddin & gang on fourth day of Ramadan

India’s constitution say all are equal before the law. But the media won’t consider this statement. They will see an individual’s religion and caste and then only report any news. For example almost everyone knows Rohit Vermula or Aklaq but do many of us know who Dr Narang or E-rickshaw driver Ravindra was? Answer is a big no because these weren’t widely reported by the media. Why wasn’t it reported? Because they were from Hindu religion.

She was a 58 year old teacher who was relentlessly working to educate the poor sections of the society. She didn’t aspire for any award from the government. Her greatest reward was to see those young kids self reliable.

On the fourth day of Ramadan two men named Moinul Hoque and Salimuddin raped this teacher. This happened while she was returning from her school. They killed her later on. This brutal act happened in Hojai district of Assam district. She was a teacher in Changjurai Ilashi Deuri Primary School near Jamunamukh.

Even though Media wasn’t there to give justice to this great teacher who educated poor tribal students, the people stood by her. They staged massive protest across the area and forced the Police to probe into the matter and take effective actions against the culprits.

Soon the Nagaon police arrested the rapist Moinul Hoque and Salimuddin. But what the post-mortem report said was shocking. It said that the teacher was raped by several men.

Now can we see any brigade to come out and condemn this brutal act? Or arresting those Muslims is the violation of human rights? Hanging Yakub Memon or Afzal Guru is violation of human rights but killing a teacher who intended to educate poor tribals isn’t a crime according to some.


Vikrant Raj