Tears of sorrow for Congress in Presidential elections; TMC MLAs of Tripura decided to go with Kovind which gave a massive heart burn to Mamatha Banerjee

Gone are the days when parties never deviated from their ideologies. But today it is hardly found especially in the UPA squad. These parties threw their ideologies to the dustbin and joined hands with all the enemies just to defeat a secular leader Modi. While Ram Nath Kovind was nominated for presidential elections by the NDA, the opposition targeted Kovind and said that he is of RSS ideologies. Now a question arise that is there any written rule that a Dalit should not support BJP? Is there any rule that a Dalit should not support Hindu ideologies? After all, Dalits belong to Hinduism.

One thing is clear, Congress and ally are not intended to uplift the Dalits but they want to separate the Dalits from Hinduism. So they said that Meira Kumar is a real Dalit and urged everyone to support her. But Congress forgot to mention that she didn’t pay rent for nearly 20 years and her father forgot to pay tax for 10 years. So do we Indians deserve a candidate like her to become the next President?

Well, we have not reached such a worst situation yet because 6 TMC MLA’s held a meeting on Saturday and decided to vote against Meira Kumar. This has been a big blow to Mamata Banerjee who wanted to put a break to Modi’s run. Yes, Mamata Banerjee had backed Meira Kumar but her six MLAs decided to go against her and vote for Ram Nath Kovind. They said that they will not vote for a candidate who is supported by CPI (M). At last Mamata Banerjee’s MLAs decided to follow the party ideologies even though Mamatha herself never followed.

TMC leader Sudip Roy Burman said that their party is working hard to drag out the CPI (M) from Tripura in the 2018 Assembly elections, so it is not right to support Meira Kumar. Sudip also said that this is informed to BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav.

Himanta Biswa Sarma, Assam Minister and senior BJP leader had urged the TMC MLAs in Tripura to vote for NDA’s candidate. When Sudip Burman was asked whether he would join BJP, he declined it.

It is clear that Mamata Banerjee has disappointed the voters of West Bengal because she has made accusing PM Modi as per main job rather than providing better governance to the people. There is no need to mention that her blame game is always targeted towards suppressing of Hindu culture.

Nishika Ram