Is Tej Bahadur Yadav really dead? What is the real truth behind his dead picture?

Is Tej Bahadur Yadav dead?? This question has been running in whatsapp and social media pages since 4-5 days. Many people have started to post a dead picture of Tej bahadur Yadav and started spreading fake news that Tej Bahadur Yadav is dead, indirectly blaming the Indian Army for the incident.


The first person who posted this news was none other than Ram Subramanium, theex- media advisor of Aam Aadmi party. This man was the first to use the morphed pictures of Tej Bahadur Yadav and spread it on social media.

The pictures went viral on Facebook and Twitter and people really believed that TejBahudur Yadav was dead. Once the news reached BSF, they immediately issued a clarification that Tej Bahadur Yadav was ALIVE and was perfectly fine and is in the Jammu Kashmir area. Even Maj Gaurav Arya posted a tweet immediately that Tej Tadav was alive and it was morphed picture done by Pak ISI.

Take a look at the names of people who claimed he was dead!


This was a malicious campaign to smear the Indian Army and the Modi government.

The whole plot started with Tej Bahudur Yadav making a serious allegation against the BSF and the Indian Army claiming that the soldiers are not given proper food. This story was picked up mostly by Anti National forces who until then never cared about soldiers and spoke against the Indian Army and soldiers. Political parties especially Congress and Aam Aadmi Party shouted the most demanding answers from the government. This was then followed by his wife claiming that Tej Bahadur Yadav was not allowed to talk to his family. Just few days after the Tej Bahadur incident, Lance Naik Roy Matthew incidents surfaced, in which the Quint website published an article with a fake video claiming that Roy Matthew had revealed that he was not happy in the Army. But just few days after the Quint published the story, Roy Matthew commited suicide and in his death note he said that the video was morphed and the voice was not his.

Then comes Hanumantappa’s wife incident where few newspapers and websites carried out a fake story saying that Hanumantappa’s wife wanted a job immediately and she was ready to even work as a sweeper. But later it was revealed that the story was FAKE and Hanumantappa’s wife never said she was ready to work as sweeper.

And now they spread fake images of Tej Bahadur Yadav giving an impression that the Army killed him secretly since he spoke against them!

Don’t you see that there is a pattern in all the three cases. The sole agenda looks like they want to malign the Indian Army and Modi government. This is a clear attempt to create rift between the Army and the people giving an impression that Army is not taking care of its soldiers and people should stop joining the Army. The Anti National brigade which lost plot after the JNU incident and surgical strike with people supporting Indian Army like never before is now desperate to create rift between the sections of the Army.

They very well know until there is Indian Army protecting the borders, they can never succeed their mission, so the only way they can win the battle is to demoralize the Army and create misunderstanding between people and soldiers.

The same thing was told by Arnab Goswami  in one of this recent speeches that the anti India brigade are trying their best to get people speak against the army!  The biggest support they are getting in India is from the pseudo secular parties like Congress, left and Aam Aadmi Party! ow the wife of Tej bahadur yadav has clarified that her husband is safe in the Army.

Ram Subramaium who tweeted this picture should first answer that from which source did he get this image? Did he see the body of Tej bahadur Yadav, who sent him this picture? Why did he post it before verifying facts? If he received the picture from unknown source, then why didn’t he inform such a serious matter to the BSF ? N

According to reports, this man is said to have helped Pakistan ISI in spreading these fake images on social media. The minute he was caught, he is missing in action and there are reports that he is absconding.

It is time that such people are thrown behind bars without mercy for indirectly helping the Pakistan ISI and jeopardising the life of a soldier and maligning the Indian Army.

Aishwarya S