Telangana Elections: Like how Yogi swept Uttar Pradesh, will the BJP sweep Telangana if the “Yogi of South” joins the saffron party?

The political situation of Telangana is in shambles. Few days ago Telangana Assembly dissolved the Government and called for fresh elections. In the wake of fresh elections all parties have started chalking out their strategy for election campaigns and rallies.

The political atmosphere is totally heated up in the state. Several speculations are making the rounds while some are saying it as gambit played by KCR to gain sympathy from people others are viewing it as Modi’s move to pick up an ally early from the South before the Lok Sabha elections

Amidst of all these speculations one interesting thing that I came across is Swami Paripoornananda, one of the popular face of south and Shree Peetham mutt seer who is being seen as the Yogi Adityanath of Telangana possibly joining the BJP.

The rumours fly because of the grand welcome being given by the members of Hindutva Organizations like the RSS, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal, among others

Swami Paripoornananda, who has been a controversial figure and has made several statements in the past, was banned from entering Hyderabad for a period of six months. But the Hyderabad High Court order has suspended the order issued by Hyderabad Police, against Swami Paripoornananda and ensured his re entry

The popularity the seer has received on his return has left everyone spell bound. All along the Vijayawada-Hyderabad national highway, thousands of workers belonging to Hindutva organization and people greeted the seer. Even when police tried to stop the convoy of Paripoornananda by putting up barricades workers removed the barrier chanting ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Jai Sreeram’ slogans.

On receiving such love and support from the people Swami Paripoornananda  said “I am externed from the city alone, but I have returned with thousands.” He further added, “I was externed from the city because I am a Sanyasi. Instead of externing goons and anti-nationals, cops externed me. This kind of situation doesn’t exist even in Pakistan. It is illegal on the part of Hyderabad, Cyberabad and Rachakonda police to extern me.  An anti-Hindu government is ruling in Telangana, and it is time for the Hindus to unite. I am ready to die for the Dharma.”

On his view of joining any political party, according to FirstPost reports, Swami Paripoornananda said “If I have to join, then the party will choose me, why should I run after a party? However he said “If there is a similarity in my thoughts and theirs (BJP), then there might be possibility of joining

According to Times of India report the saffron party might offer Paripoornananda either a Lok Sabha seat from Secunderabad or Malkajgiri, or an Assembly seat from Karwan or Chandrayangutta.

Also according to sources, Swami Paripoornananda met RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat in Bengaluru.

Swami Paripoornananda is very popular among the masses of Andhra and Telangana region. He is deeply respected by the people. His entry to party can provide BJP the required push.

Whether it turns out to be true or not, that only time will tell but the seer has confirmed that he will be working with the BJP leader T Raja Singh in the coming elections, saying that, “whoever works for Hindutva, I will work with them.”

At this point of time, nothing can be judged about the Telangana’s political scenario. Nobody knows what strategy PM –Modi & Amit Shah is planning. Just wait and watch till the mystery gets resolved.

Source : FirstPost