Ten Point One: Irom Sharmila May Be A Threat To Our Nation As Manipur CM

# 1. “There is no democracy in Manipur. I want to be Chief Minister of Manipur and make positive changes,” Irom Chanu Sharmila said calmly putting an end to her long epic marathon fast that had been continuing since 2000. It sounds good but the worst possible result of her first day as a Chief Minister may end in (proposal of) withdrawal of the AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act), 1958 and DAA (Disturbed Area Act) though the Governor has the discretionary power over these acts. It is unsafe so far as our national security is concerned.

#2. Now-a-days Dharnabaz like Arvind Kejriwal becomes Chief Minister quite easily by befooling people through dharna and protest, the emotional blackmail to enact ostentatious malicious intention against centre especially Modi Ji. That may be repeated in a different style of Human rights Activists”™ agenda by Irom Sharmila to give a clear message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi “to connect to people without the draconian laws.”

She may raise the issues of anti-centre and anti-Indian policy as she had already also underlined the “˜Kashmiris”™ right to self-determination.”™ The 44 year old lady who has hardly an understating of terrorism to a bit little as well as the killings of innocent people along with our military and paramilitary jawans for decades has no concern for national security and now is speaking of self-determination of Kashmiris. Then she may force the centre to withdraw the security bills that were passed in both the houses of parliament since 1958 for NE states. The person who has not the basic ideas of recent situation of the country, how she could rule a disturbed state even like Manipur rather she will unsafe our country through the boarders of Manipur.

#3.  She may sit for fast and dharna for the removal of Army from Manipur or she may take the matter to court of law by public commotion with the help of anti-BJP elements like Congress, AAP and others acting against Delhi like the present Dharnabaj Chief Minister forwarding the nation to a fatal future of bloodshed, death and gory-end of public life.

#4. She may act against the national security policy of the North Eastern States like Assam, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram by barring the AFSPA law and instigate the spark to the J&K issues giving a fresh fire to a bigger communal violence and religious intolerance in near future.

#5. She may go for breaking India by opening numerous ambiguous confrontations with the central government necessarily by distributing the infectious ideas amongst the innocent citizens by the power of emotional blackmail of the last 16 years”™ fast and freedom from the Army. She will hardly ever pronounce the selfless deeds of Army because she herself is not aware of the policies of our nation that is not doing a farce anyway deploying AFSPA in the North Eastern States for national defence.

#6. The lady who has not seen Manipur since 2016, the streets and villages is hardly aware of the social and financial situation of the Manipuris and the Manipuris hardly ever remember her as an activist. If somebody says that I am a social activist and now braking my epic fast, I am going to act against the central government by being the Chief Minister from the first day only to cease AFSPA, then it really seems ridiculous because she has to think of the health, education, nutrition and economy of her people as a ground work not to act against the government because without a roof over head nobody is in peace. Manipur is a poor state, please work for it at least 18 hours a day to eradicate poverty of Manipuris.

#7.  The nation is already boiling with unrest due to some communal and political separatist with various issues like Kashmir, GST, Delhi etc. and the Prime Minister Modi is working day and night in spite of all the negative forces of Congress, AAP and the whole UPA leading the nation from gloominess towards a vision-led India. The military and paramilitary jawans and people in Kashmir are being killed may they be pro-pakistanis or terror-supporters, we don”™t mind but they are our people. During such a stage if the lady talks of peace and prosperity then you must give her a priority to accept her as a nationalist patriot or people”™s friend. But it”™s of no use”¦”¦

#8. If Irom Sharmila becomes the Chief Minister then with hundred per cent guarantee I can say the non-secular Indian Media will create a havoc and antagonising atmosphere of anti-national movement again to rouse chaos in the realm of politicians and anti-Indian intellectuals to hit Modi-led government congesting the path of development and national interest.

#9. There may be some more situations like JNU anti-Indian movement and the recent Kashmir unrest not only in Manipur but also in centre as anti-centre or anti-Delhi movement spreading the sentiments of unnecessary conflict deviating Modi-government from its centre of action of various developmental policies for developed India.

#10. Manipur wants to be developed and if such a leader comes as a leader to raise protests and fire again then the development of Manipuris will remain in dream only. Manipur does not want such a leader who will protest for them against AFSPA rather they need someone who will fight for them for food, health, education, nutrition, electricity, economy, communication, IT, industry and tourism like basic facilities and amenities. It”™s sad to say that Irom deprives all these sentiments for them rather she is only against AFSPA. That”™s nonsense.

#11. A Chief Minister should be a visionary rather she should not be a person of a single agenda of AFSPA. A Chief Minister should act for the development of people with a clear understanding of state”™s defence and security as well as the national defence policy and its application. A chief Minister is a person who should land in the electoral platform with a clear vision of development of its people being accompanied with a development mandate as an election manifesto to work out on it in future. But, sorry all these are absent in Irom Sharmila that clearly disqualifies her as a future CM rather I will advise her to go for at least 10, 000 hours of training to have the eligibility to stand in election to serve the people of Manipur.


Azad Ray