Ten Point One: “It”™s Time, Mr. Kejriwal To Put Your Resignation For You Proved To Be Unfit For Post Of CM

 “He knows nothing and he thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a  political career.”- George Bernard Shaw (Major Barbara)

  1. A Dharnabaj, Fifty-fifty (crispy and crunchy like Britania biscuit) in honesty but zero in vision and planning (Modi is almost 100% in honesty). Till now even in his election manifesto people have not witnessed a solid planning for certain development or a progress roadmap for a developed India even not for a developed Delhi. He lacks vision of a visionary and thought of an effective thinker. The world develops on the basis of vision and thought of the leaders it cradle who in turn will cradle the world.

2. Almost zero in leadership with a campaign enjoying benefit by uttering the name of Anna Hazare. Eventually Anna Hazare has now become a rubber-stamp or a Gandhi-face used for election, promotion and pretension by Kejriwal. Kejriwal has successfully sold the name of Anna Hazare in the Indian market of election to purchase vote-bank starting from hunger strike five years ago with the old retired Army man Anna, a miniature Gandhi to his fullest.

Sitting on strikes even after being the Chief Minister of Delhi is not a sign of leadership. It is arrogance. ModiJi was right in his speech for Delhi Assembly election, “The people who are expert in dharna and strike should be given that job, and we should be given our job of serving the nation through governance and delivery.”  While he was sitting at JantarMantar with others to protest for farmers, a farmer deliberately committed suicide by climbing up a tree at a little distance in front of his eyes proved that he was creating the situation against Modi rather saving that farmer. Is it leadership or a sign of a grudge-icon?

3. Zero in political experience even having zero willingness to learn. He needs some 10 Million hours of practice to learn politics to serve people. A leader not only listens the people but also examine them with full authority but Kejriwal behaves like a boss may be due to lack of experience or learning, or the both. Unfortunately, I am sorry to say with a grave heart, “Mr. Kejriwal! People have not enough time or tax-money to spend for your learning like a school kid.”

Kejriwal foolishly had moved to the high court questioning the rights of the Lt. Governor and in return he got a tight slap through a historic verdict by the Delhi High Court saying “Lieutenant Governor remains the administrative head of the National Capital Territory”¦. Policy direction can”™t be issued without communicating to the Lt Governor and that all service matters fall outside the jurisdiction of Delhi Legislative Assembly and if the Lt Governor chooses to exercise his powers then it cannot be deemed unconstitutional”.

4. Showcasing himself as Mr. Anti-corruption but offering tickets for election to anti-socials and criminals, used to speaking SAB MILEHUE JI. Kejriwal says he supports poor farmers and want to eliminate their plight.YogeshDahia who allegedly did a 300 Crore scam of farmers money is now a member of the AAP agriculture reform committee and he got ticket from Sahranpur.

“After a furore was created over Delhi Chief Minister ArvindKejriwal’s office being raided today, Rs 3 lakh in foreign currency and Rs 2.5 lakh in cash was found at the home of his Principal Secretary Rajender Kumar. Another Rs 10.5 lakh was recovered from Rajendra’sclose aide and co-accused in the case, GK Nanda, GM Telecommunications Consultants India Limited (TCIL).  There were complaints made to CBI that certain private companies were benefiting in all the posts where Kumar was deployed over the last 5 years.”

(Source http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/rs-3-lakh-foreign-currency-seized-from-kejriwals-secretary/1/547418.html )

In total 54 AAP candidates so far have criminal cases against them.He gave Loksabha ticket from south Bangalore to Nina P. Nayak. Nina supported for easy sentence for the Nirbahya Killer and most brutal rapist Muhammad Afroz. It was Muhammad Afroz who double raped Nirbhaya, inserted Iron rot (wheel jack) in her body, took out her intestines. Due to brutal assault by Afroz, Nirbhaya died. ArvindKejriwal offered justice to Nirbhaya by giving Loksabha ticket to savior of her rapist and murderer. Accepting black money in legal technique like other political parties implies that he is no exception of laundering black money and propagating corruption. 5. He is a habitual liar who said, “You cannot remove corruption by taking

5. He is a habitual liar who said, “You cannot remove corruption by taking support of congress.” But later on he formed his first government with the help of Congress. I say, “Sab (AAP, Congress and Lalu like low-profile politician) mile hue ji.”

Such an irresponsibly reckless, lavishly luxurious and constitutionally uncultured Chief Minister that India has ever seen who starts his day by complaining against Modi at least for 18 hours, watching 40 movies a year, abusing Modi on Twitter with uncivilized slangs, checking the degree certificates of the Prime Minister of India (he might be preparing to move to Raisina Hill to check the degree of the Honorable President of India), locking his horns with Lt Governor Najeeb Jung, quarrelling with the Police department (like a mother-in-law with her daughter-in-law), trying to control ACB, and trying to surpass the CBI forgetting that he is the CM of a Union Territory not of an independent state.

He works nothing for Delhi but instead he demands 400% hike in salary with a bizarre argument providing no information on what basis he should get a salary of 3, 50, 000/ month even more than the salaries of the President of India(Rs 1,50,000) and the Prime Minister (1,58,000) put together. I think he might be in need of a Political Science class to be aware of the basic difference of political posts like CM and PM. So ridiculous. Isn”™t it?

6. Two years back I started loving him for his image of Anti-corruption but now I am tired of this hypocrite politician because first he united with Congress and Sonia just after winning Delhi Assembly election ruling for 49 days and now with Mr. Corruption, Lalu Prasad Yadav. As is written by my friend VinayachandraBanavathy, “(Mr. Anti-Corruption- Born: 2011, Died: 2015) Sad Demise: Sorry to inform you that Mr. Anti-Corruption passed away recently after suffering from an unidentified illness for quite some time. People suspect it could be some form of political power grabbing illness. Though short-lived, he was a very colorful personality who will always be remembered for his gracious ‘U-turns’ and sweets words ‘sab mile hue ji’ that he blabbered often.”(source: http://indiahonest.blogspot.in/2015/11/sorry-to-inform-sad-demise-of-mr-anti.html ) Political power-grabbing illness is a real cancer for India not only that kills the patient but kills the nation.

7. He is bullying people and teaching them to live on begging by his promise of free water, free electricity, free wi-fi, whereasModi speaks of development, job, employment promising delivery (though slowly for some reasons) in his election mandate. Do not teach people begging, but provide them the ground and facilities to earn for themselves. That will be real provision. Probably Kejriwal does not know the story of the bee and the earthworm. The bee had no wings but due to the immense effort to fly, it grew wings, and the earthworm had hundreds of legs but due to its utter laziness, it lost all and had to crawl being destined to eat soil forever.

8. Misusing government fund, the so-called people”™s tax money by worthless advertisement like, “Wo (hinting at BJP) hamepareshaankarteraheaur hum kaamkartechale, aapkasarkar, Dillisarkar,” (They-BJP used to put us in trouble, and we kept on going, AAP government, Delhi government), “Dilli bole dilse, odd even phirse.”

My request is not only toDelhites but also to the whole nation, “Should Kejriwal be forgiven for wasting your tax money for all these nonsense promotional campaign especially for his self-promotion and his”˜wild and revengeful”™ political party-AAP spending 620 crores on advertisement but whereas his government has no money to pay MCD workers for over multiple months?

9. He is deviating from his political promise and election manifesto where as he should struggle hard for people to serve them better.  During election he had hundreds of visits to the slum areas but now it”™s almost zero with zero planning for those poor. He is not focusing on industry and services sectors and business opportunities for people to provide small scale, large scale even cottage industry with easy loan and subsidy facility rather he is fighting with LG Najeeb Jung and BJP like a school-going kid of class III.

10. He is a political threat as he is an arrogant person and a dramatis persona of political drama scolding, abusing, giving company to Anti-Indian movement at JNU and targeting the PM and BJP through a routine program. Instead of doing the public service as a chief minister, he is busy in nonsense jobs like searching for the degrees of the Prime Minister NarendraModi wasting our tax money and the most valuable time of Dehlites. In fact he has problem with everybody in the world. He tries to solve the problems by hunger strike and enacting drama at JantarMantar but he deliberately forgets that this is not the Gandhian era or the British rule. He lacks political quality required for a democratic nation where “˜policy and implementation”™ is required to govern the state, rather than delivering arrogant speech and strike to catch the camera of media. People have elected you for good governance and material peace, not your political drama or bureaucratic achievement which is worthlessly meaningless to them.

He is such an arrogant person that he does not care for our country”™s respect even in front of our foreign delegates at Rashtrapati Bhawan. He knowingly meets the delegates there with sandals as if he is the poorest person of the world disobeying the code of conduct or the dress code prescribed to meet the President of India. It is only to disrespect Modi and his Government that proves Kejriwal teaching arrogance to people.

As a result of which, (as cited in the website of The Indian Express)”Vizag-based businessman sends Kejriwal DD for Rs 364 to buy shoes, as the headline; posts open letter on Facebook.A Vishakhapatnam-based businessman, embarrassed by Delhi CM ArvindKejriwal”™s dressing sense, has sent him a demand draft of Rs 364 requesting Kejriwal to buy a decent pair of shoes and not attend important occasions wearing sandals.

SumitAgrawal, a mechanical engineer, posted an open letter on Facebook saying that he read a report stating that Kejriwal met French President François Hollande at RashtrapatiBhavan wearing sandals. “It broke my heart to see you like this. I”™m deeply aggrieved. It”™s sad that the Delhi Government does not even provide proper footwear to its employees whereas even micro scale industries (such as mine), with their lifetime budgets far lesser than Delhi Government”™s daily budget, provide boots to their laborers free of cost!” he wrote.

 And why Rs 364?Agrawal gives a reason. Because he is against donations to political parties, he did not send it from his own pocket: “I took to the streets to gather money to fund a pair of footwear for you. Due to time constraints, I could only go to every flat in my own & 2 adjacent buildings.”

 (Source – http://indianexpress.com/article/trending/trending-in-india/vizag-based-businessman-sends-kejriwal-dd-for-rs-364-to-buy-shoes-posts-open-letter/#sthash.mLkQxvVW.dpuf )

10.1 He is a grudge-icon being so aggressive and arrogant against all other parties         especially Modi even proved his dictatorship betraying PrashantBhushan and Yogendra Yadav, the founder members who established AAP spending their own hard-earned money, sweat and labor. He proved his dictatorship and intent of doing corruption by throwing out Bhushan and Yadav when the duo complained against him receiving the black money as donation and no clear account of party- fund like issues. He became worry of being caught of his misdeeds by the duo and dismissed them forever which implies that the moral policy and the ethical agenda upon which the AAP was established; now that is battered by Kejriwaldoomed forever.

Kejriwal is an intolerant, savage and impatient person abusing others by rustic vulgar words proving himself a cheap personality like Lalu Prasad Yadav. He calls Modi psychopath that proves him to be so with serious mental imbalance and political  identity disorder syndrome.

Mr Kejriwal! You should remember, “At the end of the rat race, one is still a rat,” and so you are.

So it”™s better, “You should put your resignation as you are proved to be unfit for the post of CM, it”™s a public jibe or demand especially from the people of Delhi.”

Azad Ray

[email protected]