Terrible Twitter! On Twitter, a communist threatens to create harm to a Right Winger but Twitter India suspends the account of the victim

It is the elections season and as usual the prominent social media platform twitter has once again displayed its bias again the right wing handles in India. Currently a Twitter handle named Squint Neon,which is handled by a student, is doing a lot of buzz by exposing the lies of the left wingers and that of the grand alliance.

Weeks ago the self proclaimed fact checker Pratik Sinha, who owns the propaganda website Alt News, had doxxed Squint Neon and had revealed the person behind the account. This act had breached his right to privacy and had put the life of man behind Squint Neon at risk.

Immediately, the man behind the account Manas Jyoti Sarma said “I come from a volatile state with rampant jihadi activity- if anything untoward happens to me. Pratik Sinha will be responsible for that. As a law abiding citizen, I am free to keep my identity anonymous and he has revealed it with a motive to harm me”.

Manas added “I have been using humour responsibly to convey messages and ideology I believe in- I have never advocated any violence against anyone. But given the way situation is in Assam, I now fear for my life as Pratik Sinha is making my identity clear means I am a marked man in Assam”.

After this disclosure by Pratik Sinha , many have threatened to create harm to this young man. And now a man threatened to create harm to him saying “Anyone wanting to take revenge, feel free to do. Here he is”.

To this threat, Squint Neon replied in a funny way saying he has more twitter handles than the followers of the man who threatened him. Shockingly, instead of taking actions against the man who threatened Manas, Twitter India suspended the account of Squint Neon and said that it has been done for “violating our rules against hateful conduct”.

So according to twitter, threatening to create harm to one’s life is not hateful conduct but responding to it in a civilized manner is a hateful conduct.

Hansika Raj


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