Terror attack happened in Pakistan but the Pakistanis are blaming an astrologer of India!!! The story will stun you

Five more such attacks in Pakistan by the middle of February

It’s been an every fortnight task for Pakistan to blame India now. It seems they don’t need an appropriate reason to come forward and accuse India and its citizens. It’s obvious, Pakistan all over the time has tried to dump its mistakes on other nations and it’s all time prime target has been- “India” of course.  It has come up with yet another issue to blame India, through a new angle this time.

After a terror attack last Friday in Peshawar, some Pakistan lawmakers are perturbed by tweets from an Indian ‘astrologer’ who in October said that a terror attack in Pakistan was imminent.

Adding to the misery of these lawmakers is that this self-proclaimed astrologer has predicted there will be five more “major terrorist attacks” in Pakistan by mid-February. These predictions by a man they believe is Indian, the lawmakers said, is proof that Indian intelligence is involved in terror attacks in Pakistan.

On October 13, a man called Anirudh Kumar Mishra – whose Twitter handle is @Anirudh_Astro – tweeted saying “terrorist attacks may happen in Pakistan within November.” He had also tagged Pakistani newspaper Dawn on this tweet as well.

Destiny fulfilled Mishra’s prediction and terrorists disguised in ‘burqas’ (full-face veil) attacked an agriculture training institute in Peshawar, killing 13 people and wounding more than 30. And this happened on 1st of December.

After this attack, Mishra tweeted saying that his prediction was accurate, but he also acknowledged that he was off by one day. Then he said there would be five more such attacks in Pakistan by the middle of February.

A panel of senators in Pakistan yesterday asked the country’s interior ministry how “an Indian national” could have made such a prediction that was by and large accurate.

Now let me tell you, so far Pakistan has suffered about 30-plus terror attacks already this year, of a total 120 major incidents of terrorism-related violence, according to the South Asia Terrorism Portal. How far is it fair to blame an Indian National for this particular attack now?

Adding to this one Pakistani senator, A Rehman Malik, also went ahead and openly accused India of instigating acts of terrorism in Pakistan. “India’s intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), he alleged, was using Afghanistan’s soil to plan terror acts”.

In fact, just last month, Pakistan’s own intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), sent an information report to the country’s earthquake-relief organization predicting the likelihood of a high-intensity earthquake in the Asian continental region. This ISI report was tweeted by Husain Haqqani, a former Pakistan ambassador to the US, who ridiculed the notion of an intelligence agency taking up earthquake prediction.

Anirudh has reacted back to the allegations of Pakistan. Read his tweet below:

Pakistan and its own intelligence agency seem to have a complicated relationship with astrologers and astronomers from India, which is probably why they feel Indian intelligence is involved in the terrorist attack, despite there being no proof with Pakistan for this allegation.

In the history books of Pakistan, It is said that people learn mistakes from history so that mistakes aren’t repeated. But when Pakistani youths learn fictional history, especially on wars, what can we expect? Pakistan got thrashed in all the 5 wars. Yet Pakistani war history books still say India started the wars, Pakistan Army won the battles, and emerged victorious in wars. There are many disgusting propagandas of 1971 in Pakistani history books as well. Play with history…. and history will play against you.

The creation of Pakistan is the biggest mistake itself. World would have been a much safer place today, unfortunately, Pakistan used terrorism as it’s state policy, and cheaper way to bleed India using this shameless asymmetrical warfare since Pakistan never won & can never win against a conventional war against India.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/pakistan-isi-and-their-strange-relationship-with-indian-astrologers-and-astronomers/articleshow/61928558.cms