Terror and Drug Mafia Desperate: PM Narendra Modi Faces Life Threats, Security Beefed Up!

Ever since PM Modi announced the demonetization decision, the threats for his life has been increased. The demonetization move which has greatly affected the drug mafia, Maoists, terrorists, politicians and many anti national NGOs are now desperate to save their money.

These people are said to have lost thousands of crores of black money which has affected their illegal activities greatly. Some of the regional political parties who had been receiving huge amount of hawala money from terrorists and international NGOs also have been worst hit. This is one of the main reasons why some political parties are threatening of riots, violence and have issued deadlines to roll back demonetization.

The Intelligence Bureau is also said to have received few inputs on sudden activities of sleeper cells in the country. Last week the Delhi Police received a call from a person about an alleged attack on Prime Minister Modi. The police began the investigation immediately and found that the call was made from a cell phone at 11.30 pm from a number issued to a man called Dinesh Kumar.  The caller had claimed that he overheard few people near an isolated area was speaking about plot to kill Modi. The police traced the call to have been made from a shop in Dilshad Colony.  When the police visited, they found the shop to be closed. They tracked Kumar and interrogated where he revealed that he had lent his SIM to his relative for few days. When the relative too was questioned, he narrated that a stranger one day had borrowed his cell phone near the eatery to make an urgent call. The shop owner also confirmed this version saying some guy came hurriedly and borrowed his phone.

The special cell and the crime branch said they have taken the issue seriously since Narenda Modi had threats previously as well. The police also said, they have issued high alert and have been extra careful since the Prime Minister had himself said that his life was in danger when he made speech in Goa few days back.

Baba Ramdev who had visited Ahmadabad while talking to the press, hailed the PM’s decision of demonetization and said that Modi is facing more threat after the announcement as the drug mafia and terrorists are upset with the decision and wants to somehow get back at Modi. He also said political mafia’s are supporting terrorists and want to remove Modi.

Ramdev who has been urging various governments since 2010 for demonetizing higher denomination currency said it was a very bold decision which has shaken all the black money hoarders.

Few reports have suggested that many political parties, terror organizations and NGO’s have joined hands to bring down Modi. The sleeper cells have been instructed to spread false news about demonetization and create panic in the minds of people.

Internal sources have revealed that some messages are being spread by Rothschild’s foundation to galvanize people to set narrative against Modi. Rothschild foundation is the wing of Rockfellar and Ford foundation which mainly funds the left parties, NGO’s and Arvind Kejriwal to work in the concept of destabilizing India.

The Ex-Research and Analysis officer RSN Singh had even exposed the most shocking story of how Kejriwal is receiving money through hawala transaction with every declassified proof.

Is Kejriwal India’s Biggest Scam….The Shocking Inside Story!!!

Modi who doesn’t usually talk about his security openly, revealed in the Goa speech that many people who have been affected badly by demonetization are even planning to finish him. He said some people wouldn’t mind taking his life to save their decade’s old looted money.

Following the developments, the security has been beefed up to the Prime Minister and especially during his rallies in Uttar Pradesh.  Special security arrangements have been made, given the past record of blast during election rally in 2014 in Bihar.

Aishwarya S


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