Terror funding nations boycott Qatar saying “it backs terrorism”; Read to know the drama played by Arab nations

The Arab nations have cut off their relations with Qatar. The world has started to calculate its impact on certain sectors. These nations even called back their diplomats from Qatar and even stopped their airline services.

The reason given by Saudi Arabia for boycotting Qatar is not taken seriously by any. It’s like ghost deciding to chant “Hanuman Chalisa”.

“Qatar is supporting terrorism, so we want to boycott it”, this is what Saudi said. This is hilarious because neither Arab nor America is interested to destroy terrorism. They both use terrorism in a way that will benefit them. They are of the mentality “My terrorist is good, your terrorist is bad”.

In past, Qatar had supported “Islamic brotherhood” in Egypt. Saudi, Bahrain, UAE had called back their ambassadors and opposed Qatar’s move in 2014. But Saudi had joined hands with Turkey and had supported the rebels in Syria in 2015. These rebellions had link with Al Qaeeda, Al Nusra terror organisations.

So Saudi is bluffing by saying that it will take strict actions against Qatar for backing terrorists. But why Saudi is against Qatar?

The reason isn’t terrorism but politics:

  • Most of the Arab nations are depended on crude oil. When the prices fall, it faces severe troubles. But Qatar has diversified its investment. So this small move is being saving it at the times of crisis in the crude oil sector. So Saudi isn’t able to see this growth of Qatar.
  • Administrative head of Qatar is known as Emir. “House of Thani” is the ruling family in Qatar since the 19th But in 1995 Shiek Tumin Bin Hamad Al Thani removed his father from the throne and crowned himself. Saudi was terrified by this move. Under his rule Qatar changed into an economically powerful nation in that area.
  • For Qatar’s rise, not crude oil but Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is mainly responsible. Today Qatar is world’s largest LNG supplier. LNG mine is highly found in north field and it is shared with Iran. As Iran is being ruled by Shia, it is hated by Saudi. Even America is waiting to pounce on Iran.
  • When gulf nations were running behind crude oil, Qatar chose to go with Gas and found its own identity. Qatar ousted Saudi in terms of money and influence.  “Al Jazeera” media also took birth in Qatar. Dont forget that Qatar has international standards airlines today.
  • Till then Saudi had hid its intolerance towards Qatar within itself. But everything changed after Trump came to power. Now it is not a hidden fact that Trump’s son-in-law is a big real estate baron and he has established good relations with Saudi.
  • Along with Qatar’s friendship with Iran, it agreed to invest $ 2.7 billion in Russia’s Rosneft oil company. Instead of saluting USA and Saudi, how can it venture into global business? This is what running inside Saudi’s mind.
  • Do you remember at the time of hunting Saddan Hussain, how USA had constructed a story saying that he possessed weapons of mass destruction? On May 23rd a news agency in Saudi reported that Qatar’s Emir spoke against Donald Trump and support Iran. But the next day, the same news agency said that their news agency was hacked and Qatar’s Emir never said it. So was it really hacked? If yes, then who hacked it?

What next? Will Arab nations further try to suppress Qatar with USA’s support? In the long run Arab nations will try to subside the influence of Qatar. They may even demand Qatar to provide LNG at much lower price as it is very essential for the Arabs to the generation of electricity. Presently Qatar is providing LNG to Asian and European nations and not to its neighbouring nations.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have announced they are cutting diplomatic relations and closing air, sea and land links with Qatar. We will see where this drama reaches.

Source: Chaitanya Hegde & DigitalKannada.com

Rajat Bhandary