Terror supporter Arundhati Roy at it again, caught spreading fake news against India in international media!

This lady Arundhati Roy probably stays in India for not more than 6 months and spends rest of the days touring the world. When in India she spends her time with naxals, terror supporters in Kashmir who are raging war against India. She takes all benefits from India calls herself a liberal and then goes around the world maligning our own country.

This is not the first time Arundhati Roy has given statements in way that insults India, but earlier she had given a statement to a Pakistan radio saying that 70 Lakh Indian Army cannot stop Azadi gang. Her statement had created a furor among the people who had condemned her statement strongly. But she seems to have learnt no lesson despite outrage and continues to malign India on an international platform.

This time Arundhati Roy in her interview to BB News Night has said that Violence in India is terrifying. She has indirectly pointed that all the violence is caused due to PM Modi. She goes to say that Muslims in India are being lynched on roads and they are removed from economic activity. She says meat shops, leather industry are being shut down where Muslims work.

She lies that Kathu rape incident happened in Kashmir, which is totally false. Kathua is located a hundred miles away from Kashmir. She says that women supported rapists and never supported the girl. But what Arundhati Roy forgets to mention is the controversy surrounding the kathua case. She should explain how the man accused of rape was seen in Uttar Pradesh on the same day in an ATM?! The media conveniently ignored to highlight the boy’s presence in Uttar Pradesh at the same time when he was said to be killing the girl.

The worst part is she says in India the School text books have the cover page of Hitler along with world leaders. Now, Arundhati Roy should show us which is that school book which has a cover page of Hitler. She quotes the incident when 4 judges of Supreme court went to media complaining against the Chief Justice of India saying it had never happened before. Obviously, some judges with vested interest wanted to use the opportunity to impeach Deepak Misra as he did not oblige to Congress demands which made the lobby speak against him.

Arundhati Roy’s words against India shows her extreme hatred towards a Nationalist government which is not encouraging anti-National forces. These people who enjoyed all privileges under Congress rule are now finding it difficult to spread their malicious agenda against India. People like Arundhati Roy who have used Naxals and Maoists to go against India is now losing her base as the Modi government is literally wiping off the Naxal problems in most of the places which has made these urban Naxals worry.

Arundhati Roy should understand no matter what she rants against India, she cannot change the fact that Indians are now rejecting these pseudo seculars and pseudo-liberals who have destroyed the Nation from past 70 years in the name of minority appeasement. This lady who is facing sedition charges against her for speaking against India should be kept in jail for a while if she needs to be taught a lesson for spreading fake information.

She should understand India doesn’t need lectures from a lady who poses with terrorists and separatists!!!

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