Terror supporters Popular Front of India spent Rs 1 crore for Hadiya case in Supreme Court!

The Popular Front of India is well known for its terror links and anti-National activities which have grown many folds in the recent years. Their network has spread in all states lately which is causing a great concern to the National security of the country. The PFI has been involved in the murder of many Hindu activists in Kerala and Karnataka which lead to massive outrage through out the country demanding the ban of PFI organisation.

The same organisation is also said to be involved in the love Jihad case of Hadiya (Akhila) which shook the entire Nation. Akhila went to mission in 2016 from her native in Kerala. After her father lodged a complaint, it was found that Akhila had married a Muslim man called Shaffin Jahan without informing anyone and had converted to Islam. According to reports, her husband had then planned to sen Akhila to Afghanistan.

The entire issue took a twist when the investigation revealed that Akhila was forcefully converted to Islam. The case went to Kerala High Court where the marriage of Akhila with Shaffin Jahan was declared null and void until the investigation was complete. Later Shaffin Jahan approached Supreme Court where the NIA was asked to investigate the Love Jihad angle of the case and also the connection of Shaffin Jahan with ISIS.

But it was well established that the PFI was funding the case for Shaffin Jahan and Kapil Sibal was representing him in the Supreme Court. Although the NIA investigations proved that Shaffin Jahan had links with many ISIS members in India and abroad, the court pronounced that it cannot interfere in the marriage of Akhila and said that she was an adult and was free to choose her husband.

So, the marriage of Akhila was upheld by the Supreme Court but the terror links with Shaffin Jahan and the PFI is being investigated by the NIA. But the shocking fact here the PFI has spent Rs 1 crore in Akhila’s case. Yes, the case was a high profiled issue in which some of the most expensive lawyers were hired for Shaffin Jahan.

An article published in the Daily Pioneer revealed that PFI took personal interest in the case and spent Rs 1 crore for the case. According to the PFI’s own calculations, it had paid as fees Rs 93,85,000 to the four senior lawyers – Kapil Sibal, Dushyant Dave, Indira Jaising and Marzook Bafaki – who had appeared in the Supreme Court for Shaffin Jahan. It had spent Rs 50,000 to the office of lawyer Haris Beeran for paper works and travel expenses in connections with the case sum of Rs 5,17,324.

Sibal had appeared in the Supreme Court for arguing Shaffin’s case seven times while Dave and Jaising appeared three times and four times respectively and Bafaki appeared once.  Apart from these senior lawyers, advocates Haris Beeran, KP Muhammad Sherrif and KC Nazeer had rendered their services to Shaffin free of cost, the Popular Front said.(Pioneer Report).

The big question here is who is funding PFI such huge amounts? As per PFI, the organisation started campaign throughout Kerala through which the amount was raised, but internal reports say that the PFI is receiving huge donations from terror organisations like LeT, IM and ISIS to carry out the conversion of Hindu girls in India. Moreover, now it is very clear that Shaffin Jahan is a PFI activists who is involved in luring Hindu girls and converting them to Islam. These girls are later used as suicide bombers in Syria and Afghanistan. Such missing cases have suddenly increased in many parts of Kerala and especially in Mallapuram district which is a Muslim dominated area. The boys who lure girls are paid huge amount by the organisation which is now turned out to be a business.

So, this is now an open secret that Shaffin Jahan is being protected by PFI which has direct links with terror organisation and involved in converting Hindu girls. It is important that the court takes stringent action against such organisations which are using minority card to protect themselves. The only way to stop innocent girls from turning victims is by banning this organisation in the country.

Source: https://www.dailypioneer.com/nation/pfi-spent-rs-1-crore-on-hadiya-case-in-sc.html

Aishwarya S


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