Terrorist Afzal Guru son slams media for calling him ‘Proud Indian’, questions “how can I be proud Indian, my intention was to get passport only”!

Few months back, many of the so called neutral media in India had projected Afzal Guru’s son Ghalib Guru as hero after he cleared the 12th examination. He was projected as if he was the sole human who cleared 12th grade. He had then said  he wanted to fulfill his father’s wish and wants to become a cardiologist.

Apparently he wanted to go abroad to study medicine and wanted a passport to be given by the Indian government. The Times of India yesterday had published a story regarding the same claiming that Afzal Guru was very proud Indian and was proud to have a Aadhar Card and now wanted Indian Passport.

But now the entire claim of media which said Ghalib Guru was proud Indian, has been demolished by none other than himself. Speaking to ANI today Ghalib has made shocking statements against India and Indians. He said that Times of India had twisted his statements and said that he was not proud of being Indian.

He said ” I had given statement to ToI about my passport issue, but when I read today’s article, it was completely different. My propaganda was only to get passport, If I have Aadhar, why can’t I have passport? This time I am writing NEET for second time and if I don’t clear, I will go to Turkey where I will get scholarship for which I need passport. But TOI has twisted all my statements. One thing I would like to say is, How can I be proud Indian, they have killed my father, they have done injustice to him, they have done injustice to my family and injustice to all Kashmir, so how can I be proud Indian? My propaganda was to get Passport, if I have Aadhar, why not passport”?

So, now all those Pak Premi gang which tried to make a hero out of terrorist son, should bend their head in shame for spreading fake and falsified news claiming Afzal Guru’s son was Proud Indian.

Our media who spends no time to highlight the achievements of  sons or daughters of Indian army officers who sacrificed their life for nation wants to project a terrorist son as hero. Today most sons and daughters of Army officers express their will to join Armed forces and serve the country just like their father for which they get no media appreciation, but these pseudo journalists are dancing for a ungrateful boy who questions “Why should he be proud of India”.

This boy wants Indian Passport to go abroad and study medicine, but he doesn’t feel proud about India. The bottom line here is, the minds of these people can never be changed. No matter how many opportunities the country gives them, they are the same Anti Nationals who would want India destroyed.

It is only sad that the hard earned tax payers money goes to fund such people in the name of Minority appeasement while Lakhs of economically backward people still suffer to even get seat in small colleges. The country should first learn to differentiate between a true Indian and a traitor and not equalize them giving all benefits, facilities and access to all government scheme.

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