Watch! Terrorists used as reserve force against India by Pakistan: US Intelligence Chief!

Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart is a top American intelligence officer and he reveals how Pakistan uses reserve terrorist forces to target India and Afghanistan.

These were the points he made –

On the question of whether America needs to implement a different strategy on the ground in Afghanistan, Lt Gen Stewart said that Pakistan wants for Afghanistan the same things that we want – for it to be safe, secure and stable. But, it doesn’t want an Afghanistan with a heavy Indian influence.

Pakistan views all challenges through the lens of an Indian threat. It holds in reserve terrorist organisations in case Afghanistan leans towards India which it believes could undermine its interests. Then, it won’t support a stable and secure Afghanistan.

He says that a few things need to be made clear. First, the security and stability of Afghanistan is in the interest of all parties in the region and it doesn’t pose a threat to Pakistan.

Second, if Pakistan is harbouring any Haqqani network members then we need to convince them that doing so is not in their interests, and that countries needs to get together to go after the 20 terrorist organisations that undermine the region.

He says that America should do more to push Pakistan to act against the Haqqani network. America should get a conversation going with Pakistan about their role in not harbouring these terrorists, and helping to stabilise Afghanistan.

He says that Pakistan has influence over bringing these terrorists organisations to the table.

It can’t be more apparent that Pakistan has been using terrorist organisations against India. Coming from a top American officer is substantial as it should make the American establishment realize that they’ve been funding terrorism against India by providing military and financial aid to Pakistan.

The solution to this problem could be a tougher, more pragmatic approach from America. Provide Pakistan with aid only if it shows visible action on ground against terrorist organisations that it harbours. If an economically bankrupt Pakistan feels the pressure of dwindling aid, then it may act against terrorist organisations.

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Vinayak Jain