Thanks to PM Modi! 94-year-old Army widow’s pension gets restored after 30 years, could be paid over Rs 1 crore

Can you believe that a lady who is now 94 years old got justice because of PM Modi after three decades? Yes, a widow of Late Col George Benjamin of Army Engineers, Hebe Benjamin, who now resides in Israel had written a letter to PM Modi after getting no replies from Ministry of Defence (MoD). To her surprise, PM Modi intervened in the matter and now she might get pension even more than Rs 1 crore.

Hebe Benjamin’s husband was serving in the Indian Army and after he got retired, the family shifted to Israel. But it didn’t get the due pension and the same situation continued for 29 years. Now that interest and arrears are to be paid, Hebe Benjamin might get a huge amount. Interesting thing is that Hebe Benjamin’s husband Col George Benjamin was the 2003rd officer to be commissioned in the Indian Army post-independence.

Speaking on the troubles Hebe Benjamin underwent to claim the pension, a family friend named Manpreet Kant said “She had lost all hope. As a last resort Hebe Benjamin wrote to the PM requesting him to restore the pension that was due to her. Col Benjamin had served the Army with pride. After retirement, they relocated to Israel. Once he passed away, the family pension was no longer being deposited in her account. And Hebe Benjamin had no other sources of income”.

An old photo of Hebe Benjamin (left) with Late Col George Benjamin

Frustrated by this, the friends and relatives of Hebe Benjamin tried to personally meet the MoD officials but no one cleared the files. So the last option the family had was to write to PM Modi.

Manpreet Kant said “As a last resort she wrote to PM Modi, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Gen Bipin Rawat, Chief of the Army Staff (COAS). She requested their personal intervention to ensure her plea be fast track and family pension be restored with arrears and interest”.

An old photo of Late Col George Benjamin

And as we all know that the Prime Minister of India never disrespect the veterans. Soon the Prime Minister’s office sought all the files pertaining to the pension of Hebe Benjamin’s husband. Later on the Defense Minister ordered to clear the dues as soon as possible.

Source: India Today

Hansika Raj