The Accidental Chief Minister? BJP slams Karnataka CM H D Kumaraswamy’s New year visit to Singapore

After the much spoken about film “The Accitendal Prime Minister”, the Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy has been awarded with the title an “accidental CM”, after knowing about his Singapore visit to celebrate the new year, at a time when most parts of the state are reeling under drought!

While the JDs-Congress alliance might term it as a conspiracy of the opposition, but we would not be wrong if we say, the Karnataka Chief Minister has himself awarded them with his opportunity to point at him. Your state is suffering misery and you decide to go on a celebration with family? Has someone not reminded him he is a CM?

“After new govt was formed 377 farmers have ended their lives 156 talukas declared drought-hit, loan waiver has still not been done, Karnataka has slipped to a debt-ridden state and here we have the so-called son of soil CM HD Kumaraswamy celebrating new year in Singapore (sic),” the Karnataka unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said in a tweet.

This anger against the CM raised after Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) informed that Kumaraswamy would go abroad with family on the 29th, which would be a personal visit and return on the night of January 1, 2019 (the New Year eve).  The further justification stated that,  it has been a practice for Kumaraswamy along with his family to celebrate the New Year from the past few years.

And this is how you have decided to run the Government under your alliance team? This is the same Congress-JDs alliance that had once claimed that they can rule much better than the PM Narendra Modi Government, and this is what they have ended up with! Running away for celebration when your state is suffering with every possible problem. The Karnataka CM makes every possible promise to his people and sheds crocodile tears to cover it up. What will be the justification this time? Well, we can guess it on our own.

It has been rightly said by the ruling party heads, this Alliance game has resulted in a destruction for the people not just in Karnataka but all over India. It has been used as a trump card against BJP, and they are playing with the emotions of people trusting them blindly.

The worse part of all is that the chief minister’s foreign visit comes at a time when voices of displeasure have emerged from his own party, the JD(S), against the ruling alliance partner, the Congress.JD(S) workers and leaders have openly expressed their unhappiness against the Congress on a host of issues, including the appointment of heads to boards and corporations that are yet to be finalized.

Source: India Today