The Accidental Prime Minister! Kirron Kher’s Dare to Rahul Gandhi “Buy tickets and send all Youth Congress to watch the film”

After being openly dared by the Prime Minister himself, we expect the Youth Congress President to gear up for his next open challenge by another BJP MP. Making days even tougher for Rahul Gandhi, politician and actor Kirron Kher has dared him to walk the talk when it comes to his fight for right to speech and expression by watching the upcoming film ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’.

Forced to give an opinion after the repeated number of protests by the Congress party against the movie based on the Gandhi family, Kirron Kher has rightly challenged the Congress President. And yes we will be quite interested to watch the next move of Rahul Gandhi after this. Will he actually complete the dare? Or will Congress not let the movie be released?

“Youth Congress does a lot of things. Let them do some work on the ground for the people rather than just making a noise. Rahul Gandhi has spoken a number of times on freedom of expression. Well this is freedom of expression. If you have the guts then you also go and watch the film. Buy tickets and send all youth Congress to watch the film”, said the BJP MP talking to Republic TV.

The veteran Bollywood actress also stated that the controversy surrounding the film has only been made because her husband Anupam Kher is in the lead role.

“I think it is the agenda of the director, producer and the writer who wrote the book, Sanjaya Baru. In 2014, the book came out. At that time nobody made a noise that it was Baru’s political agenda. But suddenly, it has become a political agenda because my husband (Anupam Kher) happens to be playing the lead role in it. It’s very sad that they are making everything as a political agenda. I don’t think movies or character that we play should be confused. This is a realistic film at the time in our political history that happened. It is made by the media advisor of the then Prime Minister,” she added.

Earlier actor Anupam Kher, also shared his views while speaking exclusively to Republic TV’s editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami, here’s what he had to say:

“It is based on a book, written by the media advisor to the Prime Minister Sanjaya Baru. Dr Manmohan Singh will always be remembered as the Prime Minister but he will be immortalised after this film. But someone writing a letter threatening ‘if you don’t show us the film, we will stop it’, what is it?” he said.

Wait, why are the Congressmen trying this blame game? Are they scared of what will be exposed to the people? One never knows what’s hidden behind the curtain for so many years! Before the Congress members get into any conclusions or claim that this film is a tried conspiracy against portraying the Gandhi family in a bad image, we must remember that the film is based on the book written by the media advisor of former PM Manmohan Singh, which definitely cannot be a created pocket story. Well, those who love the blame game will blame whether it is a fact or not.

Source: Republic World