The accidental Prime Minister remained silent for 10 years, did not object Sonia Gandhi’s ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’ statement but now says PM Modi’s election speech is threatening!

In a very ridiculous move, Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has written a complaint letter to the President of India against Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that his speech during Karnataka elections rally was threatening to the Congress party.

In his letter to the President, Manmohan Singh has said “The threat held out by the Prime Minister to the INC’s leadership deserves to be condemned. This cannot be the language of the Prime Minister of a constitutionally governed democratic country of 1.4 billion people. Such discourse whether in public or private is unacceptable conduct. The words used are menacing and intimidating with intent to insult and provoke breach of the peace.” TOI Report

PM Modi had earlier in one of the elections rallies in Hubli had said that Congress leaders were crossing all boundaries in lying and spreading fake information for which they will have to face consequences. This was in reference to the false allegation made by Rahul Gandhi and many leaders who kept saying that PM Modi had given all the money of the poor to people like Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi. PM Modi had indirectly said Congress will have to face a backlash if they keep peddling lies.

But the Congress which is facing existential crisis wants to create controversy using PM Modi’s statement. But the bigger picture here seems to be a ploy to save the Gandhis just before the day of Karnataka poll results. They have used Manmohan Singh as a scapegoat to make him a victim and protect the Gandhis.

This man Manmohan Singh who remained like a robot under the influence of 10 Janpath for a decade is now cribbing about being controlled by PM Modi. There cannot be more ridiculous situation than this. Manmohan Singh, who did not speak a word when his boss Sonia Gandhi called the Former Chief Minister of Gujarat as Maut Ka Saudagar, where was his conscious then? When a person like Rahul Gandhi called PM Modi Khoon Ki Dalaali din’t he feel that the Prime Minister’s position was shamed by the statement?!

Why has he suddenly woke up from sleep now?! The most funny part here is, Manmohan Singh’s letter has been signed only by few Congress members and not by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi….why? If they were so keen on complaining against PM Modi then why did not they sign the letter.  The simple reason here is the Congress plans to make Manmohan Singh scapegoat in the next few days as PM Modi has gone full fledged against P Chidambaram in the Black Money Act.

It is well-known fact that Manmohan Singh took no action against any corrupts in the Congress government despite having information about wrong doings. So, the Congress has now laid the ground work to blame Manmohan Singh if P Chidambaram gets caught in the Black Money case.

Manmohan Singh should not speak or give lectures on upholding the dignity of the Prime Ministers office after he left the entire government turn into a Corruption hub for almost 10 years. He has no moral right to preach PM Modi about his duties while he himself had failed miserably about performing his duties in preventing the country from being called SCAM INDIA!

So, it is better the accidental Prime Minister remains in the same mute mode and retain the little amount of respect he has rather than speaking nonsense for the sake of his 10 JP boss and degrade himself further.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/congress-leaders-write-to-president-about-pm-modis-use-menacing-language-against-them/articleshow/64158096.cms

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