The actual reason for Nitish Kumar’s break-up with Lalu Prasad Yadav is finally revealed

People of Bihar are highly confident that better governance will be provided henceforth as Nitish Kumar joined NDA. Almost every political addict thought that the grand alliance came to an end after Lalu and sons were exposed in several scams. It is true that various scams were carried out by Lalu and family but the real reason for the split in the “grand alliance” is something else.

People were witnessing how Lalu and family were drowning in the scams. But CM Nitish Kumar was extremely disturbed by yet another scam carried out by Lalu and it was illegal sand business.

Nitish was extremely strict on every kind of acts that breached law but Lalu stopped him from acting against it. The police report mentioned that “heavy environmental degradation” was a result of the illegal sand mining which was carried out by close aides of Lalu. It was even shocking that in the year 2015 and 2016 the sand miners didn’t even apply for license. The mining officer and the local administration were mute spectators to this scam.

Those who had sand mining licnese, collected sand more than 25 times than they were permitted to. All thanks goes to Lalu who prevented the authorities from taking any action against these. This was common in several parts of Bihar.

Finally Nitish Kumar decided to break-up the 2 year old alliance with Lalu’s RJD and the reason was illegal sand mining. To support the above reason, within 48 hours of joining NDA camp, Nitish Kumar has started to act against the sand mafia. On the orders of CM Nitish, the police have arrested thirty people who were involved in illegal sand mining. Soon, Lalu’s close aide too will be behind the bars.

What added fuel to this?

Nitish Kumar was facing massive embarrassment as he was unable to act against Lalu Prasad. Then came the arrogance of Lalu’s son Tejaswi Yadav. Yes, when Tejaswi Yadav was exposed in various scams, it was expected that the CM will seek clarifications regarding it. Being a deputy CM, Tejaswi had to come clean. But instead, Tejaswi opted for a shallow level of politics as followed by his father and that was to blame the BJP.

Well, this was a biggest blunder because there were proofs on the corruption done by Lalu’s son. Upon that, Nitish Kumar would never tolerate this nonsense because he is known for his tough actions against the corrupt.

Later on, Tejaswi had tried to counter the media by his rhetoric, but failed miserably. At that moment, the patience level of Nitish Kumar had exhausted. What happened later is a history which Lalu and Congress will never forget.

PM Modi had repeatedly said that Nitish Kumar was unable to act against the illegal mining. So finally Nitish decided to put an end to the anarchy of Lalu and embraced the developmental policy of NDA.

Nishika Ram